Apple Event Set to Be Held on September 15, 2020 – New Product Launches and Software Updates

Apple Event Set to Be Held on September 15, 2020 – New Product Launches and Software Updates

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Apple September Event set to Commence on September 15th, 2020 – New iPhone, Apple Watch, MacBook and Many Software Updates are yet to be announced – What can we expect from the big event?

Apple is set to officiate its highly anticipated and annual Big September Event this year. The event ‘Time Flies’ will be summoned in Apple Park at 10 am PDT on September 15th, 2020 on Tuesday. The event this year is a digital-only event due to the obvious reason of the Global health crisis situation going on in the world. There were a lot of rumors this year that Apple will be delaying its September event this year. Yet, here we are with Apple following its annual tradition this year too. Apple users will be able to watch the Apple Event ‘Time Flies’ live stream across all the apple devices. There have been a lot of leaks and rumors about the new line-up of iPhone 12 mobile phones. The new Apple watch Series 6 is also most-likely to be announced this year, the supposed devices to be announced this year along with Apple Watch Series 6 are iPad 10.8 inch model, or an iPad Air 4. A New MacBook Pro 14” Model and Apple’s new and prolonged rumored Air Tags. 

Apple Watch

There’s a good chance that apple will release the Apple Watch Series 6 this year with much better improvements and updates from Apple Watch Series 5. There is a possibility of Apple releasing a plastic version of the Apple Watch for Kids as there is a potential for apple to launch Kids Mode on watchOS 7. Apple may also add a new battery with advanced improvement for power saving on watches. Apple is also looking forward to make water resistance better on Apple Watch Series 6 and enhancing its wireless connectivity by the use of Liquid Crystal Polymer. There’s a very high probability for Apple to introduce Sleep tracking and   Apple is awaiting approval for Apple Watches’ Health Tracking software’s too. There has been no talks or rumors about the price tag of the plastic version of the watch but it’s likely to be less than the standard Apple Watch price Tag of $399.


There is a possibility that Apple might announce the new iPad Air 4 or Apple iPad 10.8 inch model 8th generation. The iPad’s are said to be following the iPad Pro Models features on these iPad’s including structure and appearance with less bezels around the screen with squared and flat edges. The display is going to be same as Liquid Retina Display on iPad Pro Models. Apple might shift from lightning port to USB Type-C port.

There’s a possibility that the Home Button will be removed from these iPad’s shifting the Security from Touch ID to Face ID. Which might bring about changes and improvements in iPad’s camera or introduce TrueDepth camera to these iPad’s. If Apple wants to keep the Touch ID on the devices Apple might shift the Touch ID to Power Button. Apple might bring new Generation of Apple Pencil with the iPad launch and bring wireless charging to the Apple Pencil. This will bring about changes in the prices of iPad’s too.

MacBook Pro 14”

Along with the Apple Watch and iPad there’s a chance Apple might announce a smaller MacBook than the Latest MacBook Pro 16. Nevertheless, the MacBook Pro 14 will have almost similar features that of MacBook Pro 16. But the release of this MacBook Pro is likely to take place either in between October and November or by the end of 2020 or early 2021. The GPU is going to be a mid-range processing unit than the High-End MacBook Pro 16.

iPhone 12

The most highly anticipated part of the event will be the announcement of the new line-up of Apple’s High-End Flagship Smartphones, the iPhone 12 line-up. The line-up allegedly consists of 4 iPhone 12 models. 2 regular models and 2 Pro models. There is going to be a significant difference between the regular and the Pro models. There is going to be little to no difference or maybe only screen size and price difference between the two models in the Pro versions and in the regular versions. There are going to be 5.4 inch and 6.1 inch models in regular or low-cost versions and in the Pro versions a 6.1 inch model and 6.7 inch model. With 6.7 inch being the biggest iPhone ever released by apple. The similar changes to all the models in the line-up is rumored to be a smaller notch than the previous devices on apple giving more screen-to-body ratio to the user.

   Display  Body StructureCamera’s and Sensors  Memory  Storage  Pricing
 iPhone 125.4-inch BOE OLED Super Retina Display  Aluminum Body Structure  It will have  Dual Camera Setup  4 GB RAM128 GB Version, 256 GB Version   $649,   $749
iPhone 12 Max6.1-inch BOE OLED Super Retina  Display  Aluminum Body Structure  It will have  Dual Camera Setup    4 GB RAM128 GB Version, 256 GB Version   $749,   $849
iPhone 12 Pro6.1-inch Samsung OLED Display with ProMotion 120Hz and 10-bit color depth      Stainless Steel BodyThis version will have Triple Camera Setup        6 GB RAM128 GB Version, 256 GB Version  and 512 GB Version$999,   $1,099,   $1,299
iPhone 12 Pro Max6.7-inch Samsung OLED Display with ProMotion 120Hz and 10-bit color depth      Stainless Steel BodyThis version will have a Triple Camera Setup + LiDAR Sensor for AR Setup        6 GB RAM128 GB Version, 256 GB Version and  512 GB Version  $1,099,   $1,199,   $1,399

There is going to be a lot of difference in the camera setup of the iPhone variants. There will be Dual Camera Setup on low cost versions and Triple Camera Setup on Pro versions with only iPhone 12 Pro Max versions getting the LiDAR sensor with the camera setup for AR programming. There low cost iPhone 12 and 12 max will have 4 GB RAM memory and will have two 128 GB and 256 GB storage variant. The Pro version will come with 6 GB RAM memory and 3 storage variants from 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB. The regular versions will supposedly have BOE Super Retina Display and Pro Models will have Samsung OLED Displays with ProMotion with 120 Hz Refresh Rate and 10- bit color depth. .The price range of the line-up will range from as low as $649 to as high as $1399.  The regular version will have less than a $1000 price tag and pro version will start from $999 PRICE Tag. There’s reportedly a new Navy Blue color to be used by Apple for its Pro versions.

Other Announcements

There’s a possibility that Apple might announce Air Tags a tracking accessory for apple devices and Apple Silicon. Apple’s own chipset for MAC Devices. To switch from Intel to Cost saving options. The iPhone this year might support 5G. iOS 14 might be announced officially by Apple with many new features and upgrades. 

Finally, The Apple Watch Series 6 is most likely to be announced than other devices rumored to be announced. We expected that the Apple event will be delayed this year but it did not so it might be possible that new iPhones will be announced this year. There’s a slight possibility that Apple will announce the iPhone 12 later in early 2021 and not in the Big September event The apple event logo seems like an Apple Logo doodle which might hint a new Apple Pen which means New iPad’s can be announced in the event . Anything could be announced in the event, let’s just hope for the best.

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