There’s a new Apple Event Yet Again third time this fall – This Mac Event Might Bring two new MacBooks with a new processor – What is the ‘One More Thing’ Event by Apple?

There’s a new Apple Event Yet Again third time this fall – This Mac Event Might Bring two new MacBooks with a new processor – What is the ‘One More Thing’ Event by Apple?

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Apple has had so many events this fall be it new Apple Watch, iPads and New Line-Up of iPhone 12. It is because Apple has been long; working on so many products where Apple wants to work on securing the Apple Ecosystem eradicating any threat to user privacy as well as working on its privacy stance in which Apple firmly believes.

Apple has always been working tirelessly to make sure everything that Apple makes is deeply all about Apple. This helps Apple achieve its money-saving tactics where Apple doesn’t have to pay other companies in order to complete the production of their smartphones. This helps Apple to keep the data of the user secured. Just like we mentioned in our previous post that Apple might be working on making its own Search Engine. This will allow Apple to protect user data much better as Apple won’t be selling ads to third-party and. Thus, securing Users Data to be sold. Plus, Apple is known to have always been unique in terms of creativity and innovation so, Apple will make products that will give tough competition to the leading market businesses. 

Apple has again announced a ‘November’ event on the 10th of the Month at 10:00 am from Apple Park, Cupertino, CA. named ‘One More Thing’ Event, just after announcing two new Apple Watch Series, new iPads and the new iPhone 12 line-up, which by the way has its 2nd batch of models from the line-up being dispatched this November 13th the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This event is Mac based Event, mostly. There might be other things Apple might announce apart from Mac-centric products. This event will be a huge turning point in Apple’s Mac History as well as overall Mac and MacBook performance, production and more. Apple will introduce its ARM-based Apple Silicon Processors for iMacs, and MacBooks. Finally, confirming its departure from Intel based processors for its Mac Products. Apple might introduce long rumored Air Tags, Apple Air Pods Studio.  We Know that Apple has been working on its ARM-Based processors for Mac’s for a long time, but Apple is known for its Top-Quality, State-of-the-Art products and parts as well as software and Apple takes time to work on the functionality and endurance of its products as well as the quality. So, it took quite a while for Apple to come up with processors. 

  • What is Apple silicon? 

Apple in the June of 2020, at its WWDC Conference 2020 that Apple will be saying goodbye to intel processors and introducing its own Apple Silicon processors. These custom Apple Processors are Arm-based and have a structure similar to A-Series Chips used in iPhone and iPad Series. The advantage that users will get due to this transition is the availability of cheaper Macs and MacBooks than intel-based Macs and MacBooks. 

The processor will carry a lot of advantage apart from cheaper MacBooks and iMacs. The MacOS might have issues at start as MacOS and its Apps tend to work on x86 processors. Its hard to tell right now that intel will suffer if Apple didn’t use intel processors for its Mac based products as intel has more windows-based products that will use intel processors for their usage. Nevertheless, Apple Silicon Processors will pack the following features. 

  • MacOS will have better performance with Apple Silicon Processor as soon as the Apps and MacOS get updated and are updated to align with Apple Silicon. 
  • It will have much better storage performance. It will be able to move large files and large amount of data in faster and much effective rate than intel-based processors. 
  • It will have unified memory allowing applications to assign and administer data that can be read from codes running from either GPU or CPU. 
  • The processor will carry Apple’s Security Enclave, a secure coprocessor that is isolated from the main processor which will add extra layers of security. This hardware feature will be able to secure user data effectively, like it does in iPhone, iPad, and more. 
  • The processor has a low-power design which will allow the processor to overall use less dynamic and static power of the integrated circuit. It is usually done by charging and discharging of internal node capacitances because of transition Activity. 
  • It will have a better and highly efficient audio processing capabilities than intel; making sounds clearer, Bass of the Music more intense and better tuning separation of the sound.   
  • It will have advanced management power which will allow CPU to control current and voltage to minimize power, whilst providing performance that the user desires from its Mac Device. 
  • It can easily process higher quality camera functionality allowing better camera usage for live video calls, where camera can easily process movements and can keep up with transmission rate of the video. 
  • It has better performance control than intel-based processors. This will help the Operating System and the installed apps to perform better and more effectively than it used to. 
  • It comes with neural engine which allows the processor to combine neural network and machine learning in an energy efficient manner, without using CPU and GPU. The neural engine cannot be accessed by Third Party Apps. This will allow more secure machine learning. This will help user to use Augmented Reality Apps like Animoji and Augmented Reality Development software that will help in building Augmented Reality Apps on their Mac Devices. 
  • It will allow high-performance video editing, which means that video editing will be faster, smoother, Lag Free and the quality of video and precision of editing will be much higher. 

There is a high chance that there will be Two MacBook 13” will be released that will be powered by Apple-Silicon Processor; most probably be MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro, being the first Mac Devices to have Apple Silicon Processor. Let’s Find out What Apple has to announce and unveil at the event. 

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