ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo Reviews 2020 – Two Screen, or  too much screen? – There sure is a Lot to Find Out!

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo Reviews 2020 – Two Screen, or too much screen? – There sure is a Lot to Find Out!

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Laptops have always been one of the best compact devices that can get our work done on the go. The Device works great with CPU, important hardware, Chipset ports, wiring, SSD’s or HDD’s all integrated just beneath the screen and the keyboard/Trackpad panel. Just when we thought things couldn’t get more compact, more versatile and futuristic. ASUS came up with a Laptop that has features taken from the future, For Real. Apple introduced just the touch bar with its MacBook, ASUS went steps ahead and made a whole Secondary Touch Screen Panel, with numerous Functionality. 

Introduction and First Look: The ASUS Pro Duo is a Dual Screen Laptop with One Main or Primary Screen and the other Secondary Screen or as the ASUS likes to call it the ScreenPad Plus. A pushed down keyboard and a smaller pushed down touch pad. For most people; the first glance of the device might be a little ugly, Asymmetrical or unconventional maybe even most of the components feel useless, upon walkthrough the fog seems to clear. The components are actually space saving, and fit-in a lot of components together which makes the device helpful and much better than most laptops and Lapbooks available. The design is premium and has a better airflow for internal components which will help the laptop not heat up, while working. 

Unique Touchpad: The first look also might be confusing for many of the people as to there’s a touch pad for mouse cursor which has a grid like icon on top right-hand corner of the touch pad as to what is it? The touch pad actually has an integrated LED-illuminated numeric keypad with touch pad which allows user to use numeric keypad for calculator App, or help with number-related situation. The software seems to recognize scrolling and tapping so this Multi-Functioning touchpad will actually be more helpful than being irritating for most. The PC users or MAC users who use Numeric Keypad on a normal basis would love this feature. Talking of Touchpad, this touch pad is actually situated in a very unusual position on bottom right corner than in the middle like usually laptops have, this might be a little confusing and irritating at first but, in no time the user will be used to it.

Palm Rest: If we talk about the build; The laptop has an ergonomic design, which helps user to get most of the work done, whilst maintaining the user comfort. To serve the purpose the of comfort ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo is boxes with a Palm Rest or Wrist rest. This is due to the fact that the keyboard has been pushed down to bottom with no space for resting palm on laptop, so they added an extra accessory for user help. This Palm rest has mixed reviews, most of the people like it. For others its useful to a certain extent and is an extra weight an accessory to carry; which they would probably not like to carry as much. 

Figure 1: The Stylus on the Upper side, The Palm Rest on the lower side. (Accessories boxed with the Laptop)

Stylus: Talking about accessories, The ASUS ZenBook Pero Duo comes with a very handy stylus that can is compatible with both the screens. The stylus is mainly used for countless functions, one of them is writing. An option that this ZenBook allows the user, to write text that can be turned into text afterwards. This really depends upon the user preference if they want to use the stylus or not. It’s rather good to have an option, than to not have one. 

ScreenPad Plus: ScreenPad Plus is probably the star of the whole ZenBook. The ScreenPad Plus is a secondary screen on the laptop that lies just above the keyboard and the touchpad. This ScreenPad Plus is a larger and more spacious rendition of Apple’s Touch Bar on Apple MacBook Pro, except that the ScreenPad Plus does not have physical buttons ribbon like Apple has for MacBook Pro, instead the physical buttons for the keyboard are still there on ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo and the functionality of ScreenPad Plus is different than Touch ID in most ways. The finish on the ScreenPad Plus is Matt Finish or a rough finish that is because, Glossy Screen or surface could actually cause more glare from ceiling light or from surrounding lights which could cause irritation and make it hard for user to work, creating difficulty. 

ScreenPad Plus can be used in different ways. Firstly; It can be used for Multi-Tasking of 4 Apps; one App on Main Screen and the other 3 on the ScreenPad Plus. This is a great feature as it can help a lot of users. It can help content creators, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Musicians, Video Editors and Vloggers with Split Screens where these Art Creators can help user give maximum space to sort their content as to allow them to do rough work on ScreenPad. It helps Vloggers and Professional Video Editors to edit their videos with editing tools with precision editing, and playing edited video on the main screen. It allows music makers to make changes to their music on the ScreenPad Plus whereas listen to their music on main screen. This is like the best feature in any laptop available. You can group certain Apps together to start as soon as you click an option by using task group option on ScreenPad Plus. 

Overall Hardware: The Laptop is packed with components most of the reviewers weren’t happy about. But here’s a list of Hardware the ZenBook Pro Duo comes with. 

The Screen are OLED Displays both of them supporting 4k resolution. The screen size is 15.6” and has excellent ablaze colors that brighten up the screen. It has ports on both the sides. On the right it has USB-C Thunderbolt 3 Port. A microphone/headphone jack and USB-A 3.1. On the Left it has again USB-A 3.1 Port, HDMI Port and a charging port. It comes with Microsoft Windows Pro 64-bit. It has Wi-Fi 6 Gig Plus and Bluetooth 5.0. The CPU is powered with; intel Core i9-9800HK. The Memory is a 32 GB 2,666 Hz DDR4. These specs are great for power users for professional work and high performance. The Graphics that are packed with the ZenBook Pro Duo are Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. The Storage is PCIe SSD 512 GB, Upgradeable to PCIe SSD 1 TB. The Laptop is priced at $2,999. 


The laptop has many to numerous pro’s as compared to the con’s but the cons overshadow those features that ZenBook Pro Duo gives. It is packed with best processor and memory. It isn’t worth the price for the GPU it packs. The GPU is entry Level and could have been made much better by adding high-end GPU for s $3,000 pocket draining price. The storage option should have been 1.5 TB or 2 TB for a laptop this price. The overall thought is that it has a great design, very well thought-out for greater productivity and has best specifications, but the laptop is way too pricey for all the features it has. ASUS could have done a little more on Graphics and storage of the Laptop for it to be the Ultimate Laptop. 

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