Back to School 2020 Tech Gadgets – Top Picks to take Notes, and Study – From Laptops to Smart Water Bottle, Check Them Out!

Back to School 2020 Tech Gadgets – Top Picks to take Notes, and Study – From Laptops to Smart Water Bottle, Check Them Out!

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The Schools and the classes are in session after the graduation this June. The needs for gadgets and Personal Computers has proliferated several fold this year. Students in not only Schools, but also High-School, College and University Students should go all prepared and well-equipped to their classes. Which is why we are here listing a bunch of important gadgets and devices which will help students out academically as well as personally. 

First off we have,

Smart Water Bottle by AFROG 

  • AFROG Smart Water Bottle:  This water-bottle is a 380 ml one of a kind unique water bottle with its lid displaying temperature of the water bottle the bottle is Vacuum insulated which preserves the temperature of liquid inside it for 24 hours. The lid is charged through wireless charging has 300 mAh battery. The Body is stainless steel inside out. The outer Body is Slip free. The body is also leak free and easy to clean so no worries about having a bad water bottle. Most Importantly, It reminds you to stay hydrated by glowing every 1 hour. Just press the lid 3 times for it to glow. It is priced at $30.00 Go Buy Yours Now!

Second on our list is:

iPhone SE 

  • Apple iPhone SE 2nd Generation: A smartphone is a must need in today’s world. Which is why we have listed here is the new 2nd Generation iPhone SE. An affordable Smart Phone option which will cater all your needs personal and educational. The 128 GB variant is a a perfect phone with good amount of storage. It has a single 12 mega pixel camera has latest A13 Bionic Chip. Additionally, it is water-proof so using it in rain or dropping it in pool won’t make you Gasp. The 128 GB Black Variant costs $428.26 

>>Buy the new iPhone SE 2nd Generation Here<< 

3rd, we have the:

iPad mini (2019) from Apple.

  • iPad Mini (2019) : This tablet is one of the compact tablet device in the market by apple and comes in an affordable price range than the high priced iPads. This iPad is a 256 GB Variant by Apple released in 2019. This iPad has iOS 12.1.3 and is upgradeable to iPadOS 14. It also supports Apple Pencil First Generation. It has a 3GB RAM. The CPU has a hexa-core processor. It has headphone jack so you could use your wired headphones. It has 7.9 inch screen perfect for students in schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes. It has a Touch ID so you can secure your documents and files. It has an 8 Mega Pixel Rear Camera and 7 Mega Pixel Front-Facing Camera, so you can call your group members and work on your assignments anytime. The variants are Wi-Fi, with 64 GB and 256 GB. The other variant is Wi-Fi + Cellular Model with 64 GB and 256GB. 
  • Wi-Fi only, 64 GB = $ 349.99
  • Wi-Fi only, 256 GB= $ 489.99
  • Wi-Fi + Cellular, 64 GB= $ 515.00
  • Wi-Fi + Cellular, 256 GB= $ 649 
  • Options for different variant according to device is available at the Website. 

Apple Pencil

Now, let’s be honest will iPad be completed without an Apple Pencil? Since iPad Mini supports Apple Pencil, and it helps a lot in taking notes we have added Apple Pencil on the list.

  • Apple Pencil 1st Generation : This rechargeable Apple Pencil is a great accessory to iPad as it supports handwriting and is pressure and flow sensitive so you can draw, write, highlight, encircle, underline, or do calligraphy have paint, crayon, water color, highlighter ,pencil, pen and fountain point option which allows you to make notes, sign documents correct your work. Draw your drawings edit your documents the way you want. The Apple Pencil makes your iPad a very efficient Digital Note Book. The Apple Pencil is priced at $94.88. 

The next product on the list is:

Air Pods by Apple

  • Apple Air Pods: These wireless buds are very handy when it comes to recording lectures sonically. The Airpods will easily synchronize with your apple iPad, iPhone and even MacBook and will help you re-Listen the lecture. This is very useful for students in universities. You can even ask the voice assistant on the smart phone to convert lectures into written form. The Price Tag is $159.99.

Luxtude Portable Power Bank

This power bank is a 26,800 mAh Power Bank for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices it has multiple ports charging cable as well as plug in socket. Now, this is a must have with all the electronic devices you have. It is priced at $34.33. 

Tzowla Anti-Theft Smart Bag

Tzowla is a Smart and Anti-Theft Bag Back from Tzowla Store. It has so many great features. First of all it has a secure lock USB Charging Port and Headphone jack option so that you can charge your phone as well as listen to some music and Blow Off some steam. It can carry your smart water bottle, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, Note Books Stationary etc. It has several compartments that can help organize all that stuff. It has tablet compartment, Laptop Compartment and other various compartments that can fit mobile, Pen, Pencil, Chargers and more importantly save them from theft and stealing.

Last, but the most important Device we have is:

Laptop from Dell

  • DELL Latitude Series 15: This 15.6” Laptop is a High-Tech Laptop with Top Tech Features and processors that will help in making assignments and notes a piece of cake. It has 10th Generation Intel Quad-Core i7 Laptop to 3.9 GHz, It has a 12 GB DDR4 RAM. It has 1 TB HDD Storage Option. It is touchscreen. It is priced at $829.00 

We at Daily Facts Check Wish you a great academic year and use our suggestions to help your academic life and ace with good numbers. All these techs are great and would be a perfect match to your needs. 

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