Belle Bella Reviews – IPL Hair Removal (2020) – Belle Bella Laser Hair Removal Device

Belle Bella Reviews – IPL Hair Removal (2020) – Belle Bella Laser Hair Removal Device

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There is a wide range of methods available to get rid of unwanted hair. These include salon services, laser therapies and various devices that lead to smooth, hair free skin. Apart from traditional methods, laser and IPL technology are the latest innovative methods used to treat light unwanted hair.

IPL technology vs. laser therapy 

In Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, very gentle pulses of light are applied to the roots of the hair. This causes the hair to go into sleep mode, fall off and less hair growth in that particular area.


Laser on the other hand is a monochromatic coherent light source. Professional laser therapies target the hair follicle rather than the area.

In both methods, light is absorbed by the pigment melanin found in the hair. The hair color, energy and frequency play important role in hair removal and it is of minor value whichever light you choose for the purpose.

The Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal Device

Belle Bella is one such device that targets the hair follicles with the help of the IPL technology. The pulsed light when absorbed by the root of the hair weakens it, removes the hair and ultimately stops hair growth. It is a safe, easy to use device that can be used within the comforts of your home and that shows effective results that last for longer periods of time.


This device offers a long-term solution and saves both your time and money. Within four to six sessions you will be able to see visible results. Belle Bella very effectively reduces hair growth and reduces the growth cycle giving you a smooth rejuvenated skin. When used according to the mentioned instructions, this device also reduces other skin problems such as acne, pigmentation, scars and replenishes sun-damaged skin. The IPL technology is also effective against fine lines and wrinkles.

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Inside Belle Bella Hair Removal Kit

When your order arrives, you will find an IPL hair removal hand device, an adopter, safety goggles and a user manual. The safety glasses keep you safe from any damage that light might cause to your eyes and the user manual contains all the necessary instructions and precautions you need to follow to attain maximum result.

How to use Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal

Belle Bella can be used by almost everyone very easily. You just have to follow the instructions to ensure optimal results.

First of all you need to be sure that your skin is clean with no cream or oil. Also make sure that there is no plucking or waxing done before you start to use Belle Bella. Next you need to be more exposed to sunlight since it makes your skin more sensitive. You select your desired mode of application, like gentle for thin areas like upper lips and full speed for larger areas like legs etc.

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Once you have safely used Belle Bella, cleanse the skin area and avoid using any cream or makeup for 24 hrs. Once you have started using this device make sure you do not miss any treatment session. Consistent use of Belle Bella gives you better results; otherwise the process will be a prolonged one. Do stay away from direct sunlight after treatment and never scratch the treated area.

Results can vary from individual to individual. Dark colored hair is treated more vigilantly than light color hair.

Belle Bella Price

Belle Bella is available at its official website at reasonable and discounted prices. Plus there are three payment options being offered as well. You can either pay the full price of $106.95 that includes shipping and handling charges. Or you can avail the 2-installment or 3-installment payment method that lowers down the price to $61 and $46 respectively. Furthermore, there’s a limited time 50% discount and a 2-year warranty of the device being offered as well. 

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Cons of Belle Bella

● It is an easy to use device that can be plugged in any standard electrical outlet.

● It is a onetime investment that can be effectively used in multiple number of sessions.

● It provides hassle free hair removal treatment in as less as fifteen minutes.

● Its sleek design makes it possible to be used in various parts of your body. 

● It does not harm your skin in any manner. Bellebella has no danger of any rashes or cuts as with waxing or shaving.

● With this device, you do not need to wait for hair to grow long. The IPL technology works brilliantly with short hair since it targets the hair follicles. 

● It is recommended by dermatologists and beauticians since it brings maximum results in minimum time.

● It comes with a 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of its purchase so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

● This treatment is totally safe and pain free. This device has five strength settings from which you can choose what’s best for you and your skin 

● It also offers protective glasses at reasonable discounts that keep you safe from the extremely bright light.

● It is not only effective against hair removal, but also gives a more smooth and fresh healthy skin.

Cons of Belle Bella

● Any extra pigmentation or dark colored skin can be confusing that can result in targeting of the skin area instead of the hair follicles.

● It is available only at the official website. The discounts and shipping facility is also offered only at its own website.

● Though the device boasts of minimum side effects, a certain sensation or redness of skin might be felt. In case blistering occurs, you should stop using it for quite some time.

Final Thoughts – Does Belle Bella Really Work?

Belle Bella is the most convenient and affordable method to get rid of unwanted hair without having to run to saloons or undergo long laser treatment sessions. The affordable price and the safe painless procedure make Belle Bella the best choice for a smooth, rejuvenated, hair free skin.

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