Budget Friendly Wireless Ear Buds 2020 – Premium Quality of Sound and Affordable

Budget Friendly Wireless Ear Buds 2020 – Premium Quality of Sound and Affordable

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The times are changing rapidly and so is the technology advancing. Technology is pushing its limits way harder than it has ever, the phones changed to smartphones. AI was introduced, and everything is going wireless. Wireless Charging Wireless internet and wireless speakers etc. and the list goes on. The most fascinating Wireless advancement in the technology is the Wireless earphones or now known as ear buds, air pods and wireless earphones. Most of these come in a price range not everyone can afford them. Don’t Worry, We got you all covered. Here is the list of some great wireless earphones that will give surreal sound and music experience and you don’t have to pay much for it. Like those high-end, high-priced earphones. 

First off, we have:

Haylou GT1 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Ear Buds

GT1 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless Ear Buds is a Wireless ear phone by Haylou. This Ear Buds Pair is a compact small Bluetooth earphone which connects with any smartphone and is compatible with any Operating System. iOS, Android and Windows which means it can be used with PC’s and Laptops. 

  • It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 latest Bluetooth version which helps allow faster connectivity and allows easy connection.
  • 12 straight hours of playtime. It weighs only 4 grams pressure less touch control. 
  • Touch Control with multiple gesture allow effortless and interruption less music experience. 
  • Passive Noise Cancellation Technology allows sound-proofing from environment so that all you hear is music. All you can listen to is the person who has called you. 
  • It is compatible with device’s voice assistant 
  • It comes with a mini charging box that is small and very compact that It’s almost weightless
  • The charging box gives an additional 8 hours of battery life to the earbuds. 
  • GT1 gives 4 whole hours of listening time, and almost 4 hours of talk time on one time charge. 
  • IPX5 water-proofing gives these headphones to sustain in water without any damage. 
  • Hifi Stereo sound gives real-world face to face talking experience. 
  • Clear bass, soft synth waves and clear can be heard for an immersive music experience. 

It has a $19.99 price tag! Get Yours Now 

The Second Earphone on our list is:

Go Air Ear Buds by JLAB Studios 

These High-Fashion looking like Ear-Buds are Go Ear Wireless Earphones by JLAB Studios They come with 4 Very Decent and Edgy color options Black, White, Green Blue. These Ear Buds are priced at $29.88. These Go Ear, Ear Buds are Sweat Resistant IP44 Sweat Resistant and also can be completely submerged in water or sweat that means it won’t dysfunction if it is worn during a hefty cardio or Gym Sessions which means Musical and heavy yet hurdle workout won’t be a problem. 

  • Small Compact Design allows easy and weightless carriage and has an easy fit design that fits perfectly inside your ear allowing easier work with ear phones on. 
  • Has a built-in microphone for easy communication while on a call. 
  • IP44 Sweat Resistance allows smooth workout or a long run. 
  • It has a long battery Life of Straight 5 hours of Playtime with 15 extra hours of playtime from charging case giving 20 hours and more hours of battery life on single charge.
  • It has an integrated charging cable which makes it a portable and mobile ear bud.
  • Connects with any device that supports Bluetooth and is compatible with all Operating Systems. 
  • Both the ear buds connect auto-connect to the device so both use one ear bud or both the ear buds, and experience interruption-free connection in any situation. 
  • Clear Calls. 
  • Longer Stem provides a better in-ear fit so you don’t lose your ear buds. 
  • Package includes 3 Sets of Gel Tips; Small, Medium, Large for all ear types. And 2 years JLAB Studios Warranty. 

Get Yours Now! For Only $29.88 

The 3rd on our list is:

Wireless Sports True Wings Ear Buds by SOUND PEATS

These are one of a kind Sports Ear Buds because these Ear Buds are over-hooked Ear Buds True Wings by SOUND PEATS which means that these Ear Buds have an in-built Strap that when worn , gives extra support and grip to the Ear Phones for rigorous workout and Runs. This is a Gem Stone for Gym Rats who love seamless music while their heavy workouts. 

  • Comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 
  • IPX7 Waterproof Resistance which means it can be submerged in 30 meters water for half hour and it will resist water. 
  • Over Hook Strap allows extra support and no-fall. 
  • Allows Twin Mode or Single mode. 
  • Has USB Type-C Port which means can charge with any charger android or iPhone.  
  • Windows OS, iOS, and Android OS compatible.
  • 12- Month warranty for fruitful purchase.
  • Better Quality touch control for easy change of tracks, receive calls, and other multi-media functions and volume. 
  • Realistic Music with drivers that pick up Highs and lows and strong bass. 
  • The Ear Buds work 4 hours straight on a single charge. Casing provides 4.5 recharges which keeps your music going on for 22 hours straight.  

They are priced at $39.99. It comes with a 2 and 3 year Portable Electronic Accident Protection Plan for $2.99 and $4.99 respectively. Get Yours Here

 All three of them are very good quality and very affordable Ear Buds, Haylou and Sound Peats Ear Buds have advanced water proofing resistance than JLAB Studios Ear Buds. JLAB Studios and Sound Peats are great for those who want to lift heavy weights in gym and also want music without them falling and sweat resistance. The nicest thing about Sound Peats is that it has a higher price tag than the other two but it comes with 2 and 3 year paid protection Plan within $5 which makes this purchase not only protected but also very low cost. Overall all the Ear Buds are great for music experience. 

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