CopperZen Socks for Pain Relief by Zoom Wellness – What are the Benefits of Copper Infused Compression Socks?

CopperZen Socks for Pain Relief by Zoom Wellness – What are the Benefits of Copper Infused Compression Socks?

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Human feet are the most hardworking, yet the most neglected part of your body. They carry the burden of your body weight all around and are more vulnerable to infections and other diseases. This is because they are constantly in use and exposed to bad odor, fungal infections and skin problems. In everyday living, socks are the only protective garments for foot ailments.

If normal socks are replaced by compressed socks, you can actually experience healthier feet and legs in the most easy and comfortable manner. CopperZen Compression Socks provide maximum protection against fungal and bacterial infection, bad odour and poor blood circulation. They are the safest, non-chemical and non-invasive way to better leg and foot care.


What are compression socks?

Compression socks are stretchable socks that are used to get relief from blood clots and pain in the limbs. The compression socks apply delicate pressure on the legs and ankles to enhance better blood circulation from your legs to your heart. Doctors advise compression socks to prevent any of the following conditions:

●   Prolonged swelling in limbs or ankles

●   pooling in of blood in the veins of your legs.

●   Pain caused by varicose veins. Veins get enlarged, swollen or twisted.

●   Hindrance in proper blood circulation in legs.

●   Development of deep vein thrombosis in legs due to lack of movement.

●   Venous hypertension, i.e., inability of the veins to pump blood back to the heart.

With pressure applied on legs and ankles, compression socks help blood flow up towards the heart, prevent it from refluxing downwards to the foot and hence increase the volume and velocity of blood flow. Compression socks are thus a remedy to major ailments of your legs.

How should compression socks be used?

Compression socks are usually safe to be used for any one. But in order to avoid any complications, you should consult a doctor before using them. 

Compression socks should fit properly to the size of your leg and foot. They shouldn’t be too tight, otherwise the blood circulation can be hindered; or too loose or the proper pressure will not be applied. Moreover, compression socks should also be washed regularly to maintain hygiene and optimize health benefits.

What Makes CopperZen Socks Better?

The CircuBoost Technology

The general trend in compressed socks is that “one size fits all” and thus the pressure they exert can be low or high for different people. But with the Circu Boost technology, CopperZen Compression Socks manages to keep pressure equally at all places and ensure an effective relief to the users.

Use of this amazing feature allows for a healthy blood circulation, boosted stamina and speedy recovery from pain and swelling

The Power of Copper

Copper ions have extra ordinary antifungal, anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties. Copper is extremely essential for the optimum performance of the body organs.

Use of copper on a molecular level into the yarn of the socks, provides extra strength to combat the various infections and diseases. CopperZen Compression Socks provides a super soft, chemical free material that keeps your skin fresh and hydrated, supercharges the blood circulation, reduces the risk of inflammation and clotted blood vessels and produces comfort to your tired feet in no time. Copper ions benefit you while in direct contact with your skin. So the longer they are worn, more optimal are the results.

The Comfort Level

Copper Zen is meant to be used for as long as you wish to. It is wearable like any other sock yet being beneficial to you in ways more than that. It has special anti fungal, anti odor and special thermal properties that keep your feet warm in winter and cool in the heat.

CopperZen Compression Socks with its remarkable benefits and outstanding features is ideal for athletes, explorers, adventurers, office workers, diabetic patients and even you and me. CopperZen Compression Socks is a name synonymous to comfort, ease relaxation and optimum care. It should not be considered as a last resort, but a part of everyday foot care routine.

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How to order?

CopperZen Compression Socks socks are not available in any market. You will have to order them at the official website. These compression socks can be ordered in various affordable and discounted deals.

●   1 pair of socks = $29.95 + $7.95 shipping fee

●   3 pairs of socks= $69.95 ($23.32 per pair) No shipping fee

●   5 pairs of socks= $99.95 ($19.99 per pair) No shipping fee

CopperZen Compression Socks are accompanied with the Zoom wellness 60-Day guarantee. If for any reason you are not getting the desired results or CopperZen Compression Socks fail to satisfy you, there is an easy refund available. Plus you get to keep the socks anyway

Additional bonus gifts!

CopperZen Compression Socks are accompanied with three digital bonus gifts that are actually worth $104.85. But you will get them absolutely free!

  1. A 14-day Advanced Circulation Program, which includes-40 delicious, easy to make recipes that enhance blood flow.

●    a 14-day meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

● a comprehensive ingredients list so that you don’t get into any kind of trouble, and a maintenance guide, to keep you going healthy and active throughout your life.

2.  A 3-Minute circulation boosting smoothie’s recipe guide                                                                                                         


It contains the most flavorful and energetic smoothies’ recipes that will boost your blood circulation and make you more active and energetic.

There are 14-mouth watering smoothie’s recipes that will only take three minutes to blend.

  1. A 15-second Blood Flow Booster Master Class 

Last, but not the least is a video of seven simple exercises that are formulated by physical therapists to banish the swellings and the pain in your legs and provide flexibility and comfort.

What more can you ask for-and that too without any additional cost!

The Final Word

With the best super soft and breathable material used, combined with anti-bacterial and healing benefits of copper, CopperZen Compression Socks is the safest option available to combat low blood circulation in legs, swelling, pain and bad foot odor. You cannot imagine a better and safest way towards a healthy and active life.

Upgrade your wardrobe with CopperZen Compression Socks and get the additional advantage of a better foot care regime with the help of three amazing bonus gifts. It’s an amazing opportunity, you just can’t say no to!

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