Drone X Pro Reviews 2020 – Price, Usage, Features and more – Is it worth the Price?

Drone X Pro Reviews 2020 – Price, Usage, Features and more – Is it worth the Price?

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Wouldn’t it be great? if we had spectacular video shoots of our trips to foreign lands, hiking plans, or tour to the mountains and snowy areas of the country. Capture the essence of the beautiful lands and have unforgettable memories recorded with Great Quality of videos. Amazing cinematics and those slow motion shots that make it feel like a scene from a professional movie. This is why drones were made. But most of the drones are bulky and have low range of transmission as well make shaky videos which are of no use. Don’t worry! There is a Drone that is compact, lightweight and also records great quality of videos and photos in High Definition Crisp Quality.  

Drone X Pro is a Foldable Drone which is used to record long range of amazing videos and photos be it Ariel views or panorama video shots with it panorama mode  it can shoot great videos and click crisp pictures with its high quality camera. It has a great speed of 12 meters per second at which it flies. Additionally, it has transmission distance of 2 km. It is great for Vloggers who have just started their Vlogging Career or content creators who are looking for light weight drones so that it is easier for them to carry it. 

It has propellers that can fold inwards which allow drone easier to carry and it helps protect drone during transit. It has a replay mode in which the user can highlight of the trips they made. The important feature is that it has gravity sensor which detects ground or any sort of hindrance to prevent any sort of damage.   

The drone is priced at $99 but it comes with additional paid accessories. There is a protection and travel bag for Drone X Pro priced at $29. It is splash proof, durable and compact. 

It has a set of 4 propeller blades priced at $9. The set is bought just in case the default propellers get damaged or lost. 

The last additional Accessory is the 720p Camera with HD Lens to capture those crisp pictures and amazing videos. Priced at $24


1 Drone X Pro: $99, Free Shipping

2 Drone X Pro with 1 Free: $197, Free Shipping

3 Drone X Pro with 2 Free $297, Free Shipping 

Final Thoughts

The product looks quite sleek and compact as well as durable. The ability of it to fold is quite unique and Practical. It can be great for making Good Quality videos and can help Vloggers and Content Creators in their work. It’s worth a try. 

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