Fortnitemares 2020 – It’s the return of Fortnitemares this year with a new twist – Fortnite’s annual Halloween Event has just begun – What is the new twist?

Fortnitemares 2020 – It’s the return of Fortnitemares this year with a new twist – Fortnite’s annual Halloween Event has just begun – What is the new twist?

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Today Fortnite, keeping up with its annual Halloween tradition has announced Fortnitemares 2020. The event was announced through different Social Media Platforms and YouTube where the trailer was uploaded. This is a digital in-game play. Fortnite will be giving the Halloween update for Fortnite to its users effective today. 

Fortnitemares was first announced in 2017 to this battle royale game. Fortnite has been keeping up with this event like ever since it was launched for four consecutive years. It seems like Fortnite will keep up with such traditions in the future too. 

Fortnite is immensely popular throughout the world. It is played by millions of People, not only teens but adult men and women too. The Event is supposed to be held sometime in the Halloween Weekend. The Update will be coming on all supported devices: PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. There will be no update on MAC, iOS or Android users due to Apple’s Restrictions on Fortnite. So, MAC, iOS and some Android users have to switch up their devices as there’s no update for MAC or iOS. However Samsung might get a Halloween theme Update due to their Partnership since Galaxy Note 9 Collaboration in 2018.  Epic Games has confirmed that the new update patches will be Larger than usual, so get ready for a huge load of updates on devices. 

The Halloween update will be available for like almost a month as it has been for a few years for now with a special twist on Halloween Day October 31st

We’ll get into it in a while. Let’s talk about the update and what will be new in this update. The new update is thematically all dark-toned with contrasting Light color to really highlight the darkness of the whole theme with tones like hues of Blue, Violet, Indigo, Purple, and Pink kind of like Neon with Smokey Spooky Touch. There’s a possibility of new skins for Fortnite GamePlay. There might be a return of Season Two’s Shadow Midas Ghost with his few henchmen who have taken over the power and will plan to turn the player into shadows. The Players who have been shadowed will be shadowing other players who are living and shadows can transform into any object and infiltrate the Living players. 

In addition, Fortnite creative will bring 4 different Fortnitemares-related islands where the players can find 20 digit mysterious codes. There will be a hunt for these codes for which the players will be awarded wrath’s wrath wrap. 

Epic Games announced that the Colombian Singer J Balvin will be performing an in-game concert on Fortnite at 9 PM Eastern Time on October 31st 2020. The concert will be played in Fortnite’s Party Royale Mode. The show for J Balvin Concert will be recorded before the actual event. At Epic Games Studio in Los Angeles. The singer will debut its new song ‘La Luz’. The concert is specifically designed for Fortnite with Special XR Technologies.  

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