Japan is Building a Giant Gundam Robot – Let’s get into this Anime-Character look-a-like Giant Robot

Japan is Building a Giant Gundam Robot – Let’s get into this Anime-Character look-a-like Giant Robot

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Japan has constructed a Giant robot named Gundam an approximately 20 meters tall Giant Robot which weighs around 25 tons. It has been inspired by the Popular Japanese anime in Pop-Culture named “Gundam”. In this series there are robots in a fictional world, the earth during apocalyptic fights with outer space colonies including moon. The robot has a cockpit where a human controls it. The head has a camera that transmits images from outside to help the human inside see and react accordingly. 

The robot has been made my 3 companies. Yaskawa Electric Corp., Nabtesco: A company which makes robots and the franchise, which is operated by Bandai Namco Holdings. The robot has been made in the city of Yokohama.  The robot has been constructed all parts attached but the company is running some test runs on the Humanoid Robot. It has a mechanical skeleton so the movement is very easy and smooth. It has been made with more than 200 pieces joined together. It is a mixture of Steel and Carbon-Fiber In a video posted on YouTube it shows that the robot is moving its head, the robot was able to move its leg up and down. It can move its hand and point to the sky. It is showed he’s still running, it was shown to test its walking ability. The mecha suit can also bend on one knee like in a proposal pose. The robot is very articulate in the movements. This life size mecha suit which is also working very well, is an attraction featured at the Gundam Factory in Yokohama City. 

The construction started in January 2020, while the robot was in working from 2014. The construction slowed down in the middle for 6 months due to the obvious reason of Global Health Crisis that has slowed everything down. The completion is still in questions but it is said to be premiered shortly, maybe this month in October. The videos posted on different Social Media Platforms has sparked excitement in people all around the world and not only japan. The walking ability of the robot is what’s attracting people around it. The cost of building this humanoid robot is around 1 to 5 billion dollars. 

The robot is remote controlled most probably by smartphones. The movement is caused by controls sent from a remote which controls it. The manifestation behind making such a robot is to give robots an emotional aspect which can help in their future usability where these robots can be useful and practical in the real world. This goes to show that the previous robots and robot technology lacked many modern features, like their mobility was restricted to certain degree of motion and they had no emotional aspect. Those machines were just as straightforward as the non-robotic machines we use daily. This advancement in robotics will not only bring change in the global village. It will also become the dynamics for future AI robots. This colossal metal figurine is an initial step towards it. 

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