Last Night Twitch was Overwhelmed by a Very Important US House Candidate – Let’s Find Out

Last Night Twitch was Overwhelmed by a Very Important US House Candidate – Let’s Find Out

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Last Night an important US House Candidate streamed Among Us on Twitch which was so overwhelming. It was one of the most streamed broadcasts on Twitch accumulating over 400,000 plus people. It was also the politicians first time streaming any game on her twitch debut last night. The stream was set to broadcast at 9 PM Eastern Time. The Stream reached the highest number of viewers peaked at 435,000 individuals during the politicians first Match. The stream had sunken to 350,000 after 2 hours of streaming broadcast.

The US House Candidate none other than Democratic Party’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as AOC, which is also the character name she chose to represent her Among Us character. She is a 31 Year Old member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York for New York’s 14th District. She is one of the youngest women ever to serve in United States Congress attracting a lot of National Recognition.

Among Us is a Multiplayer Game played online. The pattern of the game play is Socially Deductible which means that there’s going to be voting out of players during the game. There’s going to be teams not in a conventional sort of way but in a different manner. The limit for players is from minimum of 4 Players to Maximum of 10 players with Predetermined amount of impostors per game 1, 2 and 3 as per player’s choice. This is actually one of the reasons why she chose to play such a game at this time of US Presidential Elections 2020. There’s always an intention behind such a tactic. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was seen to have more fun on the live stream while she talked to her online audience about the importance of voting and how important is the vote of young people who are the future of the country. She announced her livestream on twitter a day before the actual stream. The stream was rather more casual and Non-Formal, different from a formal interaction. She was also using the words or slangs MARINATE and SUS during the game. Most of the livestream was free of political influence, but she did talk about it a little and that did it. She also urged voters to vote for Biden in order to let him know that he has to do more in the places where there’s things in control. She seemed to play the game very smoothly. She also seemed to take jabs on the opposing Party. 

It was also one of the most live streamed broadcasts of the year by an individual. The whole point of the livestream broadcast on the twitch was to attract young voters to come vote and raise their voice, their right to vote, which allows them to bring a suitable candidate for their country and to help their future. The Democratic Party is engaging with Young Audience and Young Voters who are potentially the most number of voters in this year’s election. Such an activity will actually influence the voters to vote Democratic Party for a win. She is a genius for attracting young voters like this in order to not only give them a nudge to vote but to also influence them to vote for Democratic Party. 

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