Cool Living Room Gadgets – Top Picks for Living Room

Cool Living Room Gadgets – Top Picks for Living Room

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Living Room is the heart of every home and an essential part of every family. It is important to take care of living room and make it something that gives the home the life it deserves. Living Rooms need to be filled with electronics and gadgets that are for everyone and can make life a little bit easier for everyone. It is also important that the living room should have entertainment area too and should have something to entertain too, like for family time or when there’s a friend’s all-nighter. We have picked up some gadgets and electronics for your living room that will fill it with joy.

  1. A Television.

A television is a heart of every living room where everyone points their furniture towards. Which is why we have picked up, Samsung’s QLED 65-inch TV that is from Q60T Series. This TV is a 4K Resolution Smart TV that is Ultra High Definition and has Dual LED Quantum HDR inside the TV which means that the LED produces Billions of colors and shows true colors of the image being portrayed. It has Dual LED which means it can have cool as well as warm color contrast which will show true colors of the media being displayed on the screen. It is good for viewing Streaming Apps like Netflix and Hulu. It also supports 4K Gaming too. It has Alexa Built-in for Voice Command.

It is priced at $997 and comes with no-shipping fee

  • Alexa Device

Alexa Device has been a very important part of every House Hold as well as living Rooms. It has voice control over almost every Smart Home App from lighting to TV and appliances in our room. Alexa Device is very important to have nowadays.  It can greatly help with dexterity issues and if anyone has an impairment issue.  We have chosen for your living room a new generation Amazon Alexa Device, Echo (4th Generation) and it’s a package deal where you get a Smart Plug from Amazon too. This Echo Device helps in a lot of ways. In your living room it can help adults or kids play music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio and play movies from Netflix, Hulu and more with just a sentence. It can set ambience while guests are over for a soothing experience.

It is priced at $104.98 and has no shipping.

  • Power Strip

Power Strip is the backbone of all devices in the living room. It sends simultaneous power to all the other devices across room and allows multiple devices to connect to it. It sends controlled electricity on all connected devices. Belkin Power Strips have Surge protector which helps control voltage fluctuations to protect devices from burning up. The surge protector breaks the circuit and cuts electricity to appliances and hence saving the devices. It is safe for family homes. It has an 8 ft. cord that elongates across room. It has 12 outlet plugs. It is priced at $24.99 with no shipping fee.

  • LED Bulbs:

To set the environment of the room according to the type of gathering or occasion there is. LED Bulbs that can change color are very important to adjust lightning and mood. Which is why we recommend to use Govee Smart Light Bulbs 9W that comes in a pack of two has 16 million beautiful color options to chose from. The smart bulbs recognize sleep patterns and dim accordingly when you sleep. It automatically powers on and off when there’s sunset and sunlight. It also allows user to control the device through its mobile app, Goggle Assistant and Alexa. It also allows user to upload image of a certain scene or color scheme and the app will change the bulb settings to that color. Isn’t it amazing? It is priced at $21.99 with no extra charges.

  • Family Tab

A family Tab is important if more than one person or a family is living together and they need to look over the house and don’t want to use their private smartphones just in case. Which is why it is recommended to use the all-new Eco Show 10 3rd Generation by Amazon that will officially release on February 25th, 2021. It is available for preorders. Use this device in living room to control lights, tv, speakers, or any voice-controlled device. Look after your home and outside your home with Family Tab through Security Cam or Smart Locks. It can be used for in-house family video calling. It can also be used as a digital frame. It has been priced at $249.99

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

No one wants a messy living room in their house, do they? But at the same time feel like its hectic to clean the living room? Well, Worry no more. We recommend you iRobot Vacuum Cleaner. A voice-controlled robot vacuum cleaner that cleans the whole house in fact with recognition sensors and patterns to clean the mess out of the room. Since living room is a busy place the device recognizes it as a busy area and cleans the area thoroughly. If you have pets, don’t worry the pet hair won’t damage bristles under the cleaner. It cleans them too. It is priced at $349.99 and no extra charges.

  • Gaming Console: It’s a boy’s day or Girls day House Party or a general party. A gaming console can be entertaining and amusing at the same time. Which is why we have recommended Xbox One S 1TB gaming console with 2 controllers and game pass for a month and 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial included with Purchase. It is priced at $580
  • Fire TV Stick: We recommend using Fire TV Stick with your Smart Samsung TV. To stream all contents on your TV and play endless movies, series with just voice control or remote. It includes fire tv stick, remote and USB Power Cable. It is $72.97 and no extra charges.

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