New iPhone 12 rumors are resurfacing the internet and Tech World – What is it that’s sparking excitement? – Let’s Find Out!

New iPhone 12 rumors are resurfacing the internet and Tech World – What is it that’s sparking excitement? – Let’s Find Out!

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This year Apple’s September event, went a little out of tradition and iPhone 12 line-up, as we predicted didn’t get released instead new iPad’s, New Apple watch series 6 and Apple watch SE was released. The big turndown was that iPhone 12’s didn’t get announced, which made many people sad, angry, and many more emotions. It looks like that Apple is looking forward to be working more on this year’s iPhone 12 line-up. The competition with other companies is quite fierce as Apple’s longtime rival Samsung just released its Note Series Latest line-up in August and it has been grabbing many people’s attention, and as always Note Series seems to go way beyond its limits in features which looks like something that will be hard for Apple to grab on. Still Apple will be able to come up with great ideas that is why Apple is taking quite some time to work on the models. The other reason of the late manufacture of iPhone 12’s line-up is the obvious reason of Global Health Crisis which has brought every work to halt. 

The iPhone 12 line-up will be consisting of 4 different models 5.4”, two 6.1” models and a 6.7” iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is also the only model on iPhone12 line-up to have a LiDAR Sensor. There is a higher possibility of Apple engraving its rumored and latest A14 Bionic Chip on its iPhone 12 Line-up. The A14 Bionic chip on iPhone will give 40% more CPU Speed and 50% GPU Speed than the previous A13 Bionic Chip on iPhone 11 line-up. These models of iPhone-12 line-up will also feature the 5G connectivity for the first time on any iPhone models. iPhone is probably the last smartphone contender to bring 5G connectivity to its iPhone models. 

The iPhone will be redesigned this year in many ways. The body is changing into flat metal corners like iPhone 4 models. So there are no round bumpy corners on the new iPhone models. There was previous rumor that the iPhone 12 models will have a reduced notch as Apple might introduce TrueDepth Camera. It seems like there’s no TrueDepth Camera this year and the notch will be reduced on the smaller iPhone 12 model as the size of the phone is already very smaller. The rest of the models will have the same notch as other iPhones. The rear camera count on two normal models will be dual, and the count on pro models is 3 camera system which might feature 3D camera System but only on the 6.7” model. 

There will be a new color option available in iPhone 12 line-up, which is Navy Blue. There will be alterations in the packaging in new Apple iPhone products there will be no charging brick and no Earpods with lightning port in it the charging cable will be included but it will be quite different than the ones iPhone delivers. Rather than a rubber and plastic wire Apple will include braided cables that are more sustainable and resistant to damage. This is because Apple wants to reduce plastic pollution and also wants to go for cost-saving options. The 20 W charging brick will be sold separately and the removal of EarPods is to encourage customers to buy wireless Air Pods. 

The event is rumored to commence in last 2 weeks of October or most likely on 13th of October. The Air Tags and Apple Airpods Studio will likely be announced along with iPhone 12 models. 

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