Samsung is about to release the new lineup of S21 Series on January 14th, 2021. – There’s some interesting insight as of what products will Samsung release along with the S series lineup.

Samsung is about to release the new lineup of S21 Series on January 14th, 2021. – There’s some interesting insight as of what products will Samsung release along with the S series lineup.

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This year again Samsung is ready to launch its brand-new S series lineup. The lineup that is probably named the S21 lineup series this January, 2021 on 14th. Samsung announced the event with the name Welcome to the Everyday Epic Event. The invitations were sent out to thousands of tech experts and gadget reviewers, inviting them to join the event virtually.

Samsung has got probably less products to unveil this year since the release of Note 20 lineup that had a new galaxy watch, buds live, Tab S7, and the note series lineup. Samsung still is expected to unveil a great amount of new products and upgradation of the previous accessories it launched during the last event. Samsung has a lot of plans this January. Prior to the main S21 lineup event Samsung is set to launch its brand new, technically premium and a very competitive SoC processor the Exynos 2100 processor for its upcoming premium devices which by early rumors was said to be installed in all the variants of flagship devices, which meant that there would be no snapdragon SoC’s on the Chinese and US Variants of the Flagship devices. For which Samsung was called out for many times. Looks like this year Samsung is trying to listen the tech experts and finally rolling out similar processors across all variants of the flagship devices.

a: This is the official marketing render by Samsung

This processor is unveiled before the main event so as to hint that the new lineup of premium smartphones is going to come with the premium chipset. This could mean Samsung could get ahead of Apple in terms of processor advancement. Exynos is known to have fall behind Apple as well as Snapdragon, but is a rising competitor in processor area of the mobile devices. If Exynos 2100 lives up to the mark Samsung could come head-to-head with Apple not only Snapdragon. According to some unofficial tests from Geekbench it shows that Samsung has out performed the newly unveiled Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, in overall tests the margin is really thin but Exynos takes the lead. In single core tests Qualcomm 888 seems to get more points than Exynos 2100. While in Multi-Core tests Exynos has a clear lead over Qualcomm Chipset. Whereas Apple’s A14 Bionic Chip seems to be way beyond their reach with higher threshold than the two. This could be a start for Samsung to make advancements in its processor division for the mobile devices. The S21lineup will most likely be the first Premium device to feature Exynos 2100 processor.

As much as Samsung is working hard on many things Samsung is allegedly releasing Samsung Galaxy Tags a tracking Bluetooth device that Apple was supposed to release sometimes previous years or Apple might release this year. This tracking device is a Bluetooth device that will support Bluetooth 5.1 only. The device’s main concern is to help locate the users’ device in close proximity and locality. As of yet there’s been online leaks and no such official renders have been announced. The accessory is likely to be priced at $15 to 20 and the device as a first generation of its kind does not support LTE, GPS and many more features. The device will work with Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature it has a button that when pressed will buzz and the device can be located.

Talking of Upgradation in Samsung, Samsung is highly likely to release the new upgraded model of the Galaxy Buds this year A successor to last years’ Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung might announce Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. A successor to the last announced Galaxy Buds Live that were kidney beans shaped Earbuds by Samsung which came along with the note 20 series. The new Galaxy Buds will be IPX7 Water resistant. The Buds pro will also come with advanced battery life and longer battery than the buds live. The Galaxy Buds are supposed to debut with the S21 Lineup. The Buds pro will feature Active Noise Cancellation which will allow users to focus on what they’re listening. The price tag expected with the buds pro is around $200

The S21 Lineup:

The lineup will feature 3 models. S21, S21+ AND S21 Ultra. The three models will come with $799, $99 for the first two models respectively whereas the Ultra Model will start from $1299 for 12/128 GB Variant of the model. The prices can go up to $1499 for higher variants. The camera module on the S21 and S21+ will have a Triple Camera Setup. The S21 Ultra Model will have a Primary Sensor 108 MP, two Telephoto Sensor, 10x and 3x and an Ultra Wide-Angle Lens 12 MP, with Laser Auto Focus. The back Panel of S21 Ultra will be the only model in the lineup to have Glass Back Panel. The other two will have plastic matte finish. S21 Ultra will have a Large 6.8-inch Display. The S21+ will have 6.7-inch Display and the Smaller S21 will have a 6.2-inch screen all of these models will support 120Hz Refresh Rate and will have 5G.

The models have a very distinct back panel with the camera module integrated in the back but has an irregular shape. Not the boxy shape like Last years S20 and Note 20 Lineup. All of them will pack Exynos 2100 Chipset. The S21 Ultra will support an S-Pen a distinctive Note Series Feature that Samsung will give it to S series. The Catch is that the S-Pen won’t be integrated in the Device but will be sold separately. Samsung is not bringing the Headphone Jack back so don’t hold the breath. The device will not pack a charger either. It will support 25-Watt Charging. The S21 Ultra will have edge Screen whereas the other two will have a flat front panel.


The lineup this year looks good, but Samsung should keep distinctiveness in its models. Keeping Note a Note and 2 series an S series. Plus, the addition of Exynos Processor is very powerful. The S21 Model looks unwanted and irrelevant with s21+ Model along like Samsung should only make 2 variants. Similarly, the Buds pro are something that look and will be more practical because of its active voice cancellation and Water Resistance. Samsung is really going beyond its technical limits and is pushing its boundaries which is remarkable.

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