Simple Gadgets for Novice Vloggers – A Guide to Buying Fascinating Gadgets

Simple Gadgets for Novice Vloggers – A Guide to Buying Fascinating Gadgets

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Vlogging is one of the most challenging and one of the most exciting career paths to pursue and many people are trying to get into this career with no knowledge. Vlogging doesn’t have to be all professional and sequential when it comes to filming a vlog. Capture whatever you want upload whatever you want. If anyone is looking forward to be a vlogger? We got you covered as we got a list of equipment to choose from and get started on a vlogging journey. Here we will list a bunch of gadgets that will help you get step into vlogging world.

A Camera to shoot a good quality video content:

For camera we have Sony ZV-1 Camera that has been specially made for content creators and vloggers. The camera has a flip screen just in case the creators are filming themselves on their own and have no other crew to help them. This screen helps a lot in accessing the footage while making. It also helps in making 360° videos on the go. It has a great audio recording too. It has fast hybrid autofocus so that that video isn’t blurry for the most part during introduction. A special algorithm in the software prioritizes the face of the content creator while videomaking. If you are a product reviewer than the camera has a special feature that transfers the focus from your face to the product being showcased. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, wind screen adaptor, and a Micro USB Cable. It is a 20.1 Megapixel camera. Which is far better than any other vlogging camera.

It is priced at $7 48 with free shipping

A Good Quality Mic

A good quality mic is a very important equipment for any content creator including the vlogger. Most of the time the video is edited and is voiced over by the creator and needs to be clear and should be picked from multiple dimensions and the audio quality should be free from disturbance and isolated from the audio that is coming from the video. For this option we have a pick from FIFINE which has one of the amazing mics for recording audio. The audio quality is very professional and uses high-end technology to pick sound through different patterns and it is a condenser mic which picks up very detailed sounds from the surrounding. It is just as good for ASMR videos too in which sound plays a very important part in the video. The controls of FIFINE mic are very easy and doesn’t require professional knowledge.

It is priced at $46.23 with free delivery.

A Tripod for Well-Shot Video

A tripod is a very integral part of vlogging specially, other than any content creation on YouTube. It is because in vlogging most of the time the content creator is moving, walking, running or going outside and the video could be shaky and to keep the camera still and stabilize on a rocky surface it needs a stand which is why we have picked up Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2-Section tripod. It is a high-quality tripod that can be used with low-end DSLR’s and can endure up to 2.5 kg weight. The tripod is very light weight and has many angle options. This would allow the tripod to tilt at various angles and give you a perfect shot. The tripod is very flexible allowing user to capture not only video while on-the-go but also capture stills from the filming.

It is priced at $38.01 and has no shipping fee.

An editing app to cut out bloopers and fails

An editing software is very important when it comes to vlogging. The creator can’t just upload a whole day video on YouTube that would just ruin the whole content as well as color grading, sharpening of the video overall the video needs to be split into slots, needs to be attached with new video files for the same vlog and has to be precise and needs introduction videos, background sound effects and some cool transitions and effects within the video for which the creator needs an editor, for which we have picked, Vegas Pro Video and audio editor which will help user edit videos precisely cut the videos, compress them while still keeping the quality of the video intact. There are numerous effects that are added on the videos. Vegas Pro 18 is the latest version of the software and has the latest features that are professional film level features that change the color scheme on a frame and add background music and more on the video. Good thing? Vegas Pro 18 does not require any special requirements from the PC. It just works on Windows and has better HDR Support.

It is priced at $299 with free shipping.

A Laptop to manage all the content at one place

A PC is where all the work is done. From collecting all the content to uploading content from camera to a platform where the content is arranged, assembled and edited and uploaded PC is what makes it all possible. A desktop computer could be too much, which is why we have picked up a Laptop for more compact solution, which can work for people who live in small spaces and don’t want Computer taking up all the space. A laptop seems a very logical option. Which is why we have selected Dell XPS 2 in 1 9310. It has a 13.4-inch screen that is Full HD, has touch screen, processor intel core-i7, 32 GB LPDDR4x Memory, and 512 GB SSD for storage. It can process heavy data on its system with no lag.

It is priced at $1799 and no shipping fee.

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