Top-Quality Smart Watches from Amazon 2020 – Smart Watches For Personal Use

Top-Quality Smart Watches from Amazon 2020 – Smart Watches For Personal Use

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Smart Watches have been a very important part of our lives since they have been released. They provide great deal of convenience. It provides convenience to many people who have busy lives or those who can’t keep up with time and need constant reminders about different stuff like Laundry, Medicine Time, Office Deadlines, Meetup, Presentations for Work and more. These devices also track fitness logs and tell how much calories have the user burnt. It is like a Digital Gym Partner too. Moreover, Companies like Apple and Samsung are actually trying to help incorporate medicinal facilities to these Smart Watches like Oxygen Levels or Heart Rate monitoring, for which they require approval from respective Agency. 

This is how these devices help you and this is why we are going to list a number of smartwatches for you to select as per your preference and affordability.

  1. Apple Watch Series 3: This Smart Watch is from Apple; This Apple Watch is a relatively older model but is still worth the price and buy as it has almost same features as the latest Apple Watches. It comes in two variants size wise; there is a 38 mm and 42 mm variant. 
  • It comes with multiple features like: GPS to track your route of running. It has Retina Display; which is Apple’s top-quality display. It is Swim Proof. It has optical heart Sensor. It also stores Audiobooks, Podcasts and Music. It has Emergency SOS option incase of Emergency. However, note that Apple Watch cannot diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or any other medical condition.

The pricing is as follows: 

38 mm variant: $169.00

42 mm variant: $199.00, Both the variants can add Apple Care protection plan for $49 and There’s no shipping fee. 

  1.  Galaxy Watch Active 2: This Smart Watch is from Samsung’s Active Series Smart Watches. The active series is very popular Smart Watch Series for not only Samsung enthusiasts but also Non-Samsung Users. The Watch is very light weight and comfortable for user’s wrist. 
  • It has many advanced sensors that track your heart rate and the amount of burnt calories after your morning jog or an evening run. It can send automatic alerts to respected agencies if it sees irregular heart rate patterns. However, it should be noted that these devices or its software cannot diagnose disease or any other medical conditions. Neither they can prevent or cure any disease. The device is compatible with iOS 9.0 software and above, Apple iPhone 5 and above and Android 5.0 above. The battery is long lasting which can work for 5 days with single charge. It also supports Power Share and wireless charging.  The device also tracks your sleep as well as stress levels. It comes in many variants and price tags are also as per variant difference. 


40 mm Variant 

  • Bluetooth: $249
  • Bluetooth Golf: $299
  • LTE: $379

44 mm Variant 

  • Bluetooth: $ 269 
  • Bluetooth Golf: $ 319.99
  • LTE: $ 399.99

There is no Shipping or Handling Fee. 

  1. LETSCOM Smart Watch: This Smart Watch is from LETSCOM. The watch comes with a fitness tracker, which measures how many miles the user has run and tells how many calories have been consumed and how many have been burnt. It also tracks the sleep timings and patterns. It has Music Control Options, just sync your Android device through the Smart Watch’s Mobile App and the Watch will sync with your device. 
  • It is Unisex smartwatch so men and women both can use it.  It has a 1.3-inch screen. It is IP68 Certified which means that it is water resistant. It can be used while swimming. It has a good battery life with 210 mAh Battery Life. It charges within 2 to 3 hours. 

It is priced at $36.99 with Free Shipping. 

  1. Fitbit Versa 2: This Smart Watch is from Fitbit. It is a health and fitness Smart Watch which primarily focuses on user’s health and fitness. It also helps user to play media through your Smart Watch. It has Alexa Built-in so it works with Voice Command too. It syncs with your Smart Phone and allows Notifications from your Smart Phone to your Smart Watch, allows call and messages too. Through Alexa control your Smart Home Devices with a Single voice Command and pre-requisite Setup and Synchronization. It tracks your Sleep and Swimming. 
  • Get a 90-Day Free Trial of Fitbit Premium that helps user stay active. Sleep Well and helps stress sleep. It is unlocked in the Fitbit App. To use Fitbit premium, subscribe to the Trial Period. If it does not suit you cancel it before it is charged. The offer is only for premium users. 

The Price Tag for Fitbit Versa is $192.96 and the Special Edition Watch is priced at $197.95. The Subscription Fee for iFit is $15. 

  1. Garmin Vivoactive 4S: This Smart Watch by Garmin is a Small Dial Smart Watch with GPS. This Smart Watch has tracking ability of watching your body’s Energy levels. It has pulse Ox Sensors to check pulse for Heart Rate Monitoring. 
  • It shows animated workout tutorials for people with fitness goals and who need workout angles and tips. It also allows you to download songs for on you watch with third party apps like Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer App. It has a great battery life: up to 7 days in Smart Watch Mode. 

It is priced at $269 for 40 mm variant and $287 for 45 mm variant. 

It should be highly noted that none of these smartwatches diagnose, prevent or cure any type of disease or Medical Condition. It might help alert for Emergency or help but cannot treat any Medical Situation.

Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission with every sale made.

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