Ultimate Holiday Gifting Guide for Thanksgiving and Holidays – Top Electronics To Gift

Ultimate Holiday Gifting Guide for Thanksgiving and Holidays – Top Electronics To Gift

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Holiday Season is pretty much a very cozy and secluded time of the year with most of the people spending time with their family and enjoying all the festivities of the season. They enjoy the season by having Turkey on Thanks-Giving, exchanging gifts on Hannukah and Christmas. Some People also exchange gifts on Thanks-Giving too. So, we’ve got you covered with what to gift your family and friends on this holiday season. 

First on the list is something for our computer nerds and IT Fanatics. 

  1. Western Digital Elements External Hard Drive: External Hard Drive is one of the important things to have in our professional and personal lives this is because in these Hard Drives you can store data and keep it separate from your PC. It is kind of a backup just in case your PC damages physically or your files get corrupted. This gift can save people’s data from being lost, which makes it a great gift. The features of this External Hard Drive are. 
  • It is a USB 3.0 External Hard Drive which is compatible with USB 3.0 AND USB 2.0 
  • Allows fast data transfer
  • Helps improve PC performance. 
  • It has a huge storage capacity and has numerous variants with different Prices. 
  • It has compatibility formatted for Windows 10,8.1, and 7, but for other operating systems you might need reformatting 
  • It has a 2-year manufacturing Warranty 

The price tag for different Variants is 

1 Tera Byte: $ 47.99

2 Tera Byte: $ 57.99

4 Tera Byte: $ 89.99

If you have your children about to start their college or University and you are looking to buy them a Laptop in a reasonable price with great specs, look no further, The Second on our list is a laptop which is a great gift for your college going teenager son or daughter

  1. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex α: This Laptop is a 2-in-1 Laptop with Tablet Mode made for more comfortable usage with 1080p Resolution and a Touchscreen Laptop. This Laptop can not only be used by students but also Small Businesses and office use. The Storage is upgradeable up to 1TB SSD. It comes with QLED Screen, Intel 10th Generation Core i5 Processor 8 GB RAM, which can be used for moderate Gaming too. It has 256 GB SSD, which is way faster than HDD. It comes with 13.3” screen which is Full HD. It has a 360° flip-and-fold design. It has a fingerprint sensor for extra security, A battery life of 18.5 hours. 

It is priced at $749.99 in Royal Silver Color 

  1. iPad 10.2 inch (8th Generation): This iPad from Apple is a perfect gift from grandparents or parents to their grandkids and kids respectively in a reasonable price range and makes a great holiday gift. 

This iPad by Apple packs great features. It has a big 10.2-inch screen with Retina Display. It has Apple’s powerful A12 bionic chip. It has Apple Pencil Support for easy drawing for work or for fun. It is compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. It has 8MP Rear Camera and Front Facing 1.2 MP camera for Face Time. It has Stereo Speakers. 10 hours of battery life. 

It comes in 4 variants.

32 GB Wi-Fi Only: $299.00

32 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $459.00

128 GB Wi-Fi Only: $395.00

128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $559.00

Next off we have a Smart Phone from Samsung which has great specs and can be a great gift for anyone, student, small business owners or office employees, or teachers 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10: This Smart Phone is a Note Series’ Note 10 variant with a stylus integrated in the heart of the Smartphone. It has a big 6.3 inches Screen. 8 GB RAM and 256 GB Storage. It has 1080p Screen. It has triple Camera System with pro features and comes with Android Pie Operating System Upgradeable for three years to new Android Versions. The Stylus has Bluetooth support that helps in presentation and multiple gestures or Air Commands which is a great update from Note 9 series. It features Samsung’s Infinity-O Display with Punch Hole selfie Camera Design. 

It is priced at $659.99 

This next product will be a great gift for not only Adults but also kids and if you have Gamers in your home. This is a Classic Holiday Gift that parents usually give to their children or Uncle and Aunts give it to their nieces and nephews. 

  1. Sony PlayStation 4: This product is a PS4 Gaming console with Sony PlayStation’s DualShock 4 wireless controller.

 It allows you to play all the latest games, TV, Music and more. It allows live broadcast or streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with share Button. It features following Specifications. 

  • 1 TB Console 
  • AMD Radeon Graphic Engine 
  • GDDR5 8 GB Memory
  • 8 Core GPU
  • 1 TB HDD Storage. 
  • Supports and comes with DualShock 4 Wireless controller
  • Supports Wireless Headset. 
  • It supports PlayStation VR 

It is priced at $349.99 

  1. PlayStation VR with Iron Man VR Bundle: This product is also a product from Sony PlayStation. It is a VR Bundle which supports Virtual Reality Games. This can be attached with our previous pick mentioned above the PS4 and you are ready to play VR Games on the go. The Bundle has following items.
  • PlayStation VR Headset
  • PlayStation Camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move Motion camera
  • Marvel’s iron man blue-rays disc, and demo disc 3.0

It is priced at $349.99 

Buy these Amazing products for your family and your loved ones and celebrate the holiday season with great zest and enthusiasm and enjoy your holidays with Fun with these amazing products for yourself too. 

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