World’s First Under-Display Camera has been released – How great is this feature? The technological insights, features specifications and more – First Ever under display smartphone review.

World’s First Under-Display Camera has been released – How great is this feature? The technological insights, features specifications and more – First Ever under display smartphone review.

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The front facing camera has come a long way and has evolved pretty much a lot after its addition above the screen of the Smart Phones. Recently there’s an ongoing competition, a sort of a race towards changes that need to be made in the design, position and size of the front facing camera on the phone screen; between different Smart Phone Giants like Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo and OPPO. These tech giants have been working on increasing screen to body ratio, so far only Samsung has been able to get that far with its latest note line up flagship device; The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. With 91.7% screen to body ratio.

The Front-Facing Camera has gone through a lot of changes through out the decade, from being added above the screen, to be added within thinner bezels front facing camera came a long way. After that Front Facing Camera went through the second wave of changes due to their placement and position; from motorizing 2-in-1 front facing and rear end camera, to notches in iPhones and droplet, pill shaped and pinhole camera on Samsung. This has now created quite some competition in the market for which the Smart Phone companies are now looking forward to making under-display camera for their smartphones. The companies have had many attempts on the prototype version of the smartphones, so far there have been many technological hurdles in making such a smartphone. Although there’s a problem in making such a device. A Chinese company has managed to make the first ever smartphone with under display camera and has pushed the technological boundaries with its innovation and is the first ever Smart Phone to have fully functional under-display camera.

ZTE a Chinese tech company has taken the lead in making the first ever Smart Phone with under display camera not only that it has taken edge over these tech giants in innovation of under display camera, ZTE has made it commercially available for mass production and sale. At first the device was made to be sold in China only but now the device has expanded its boundaries and is available in multiple countries like UK, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Japan, etc. The price point according to the US Dollar is, $449. Which is quite good for a high-end smartphone with a unique feature like under-screen display.

A little about Smartphone and review of under display camera:

ZTE Smart Phone comes with a large 6.92-inch screen. This is probably the biggest phone screen alongside the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra by Samsung. That being said, the screen to body ratio of the smartphone is still lower than many smartphone devices standing at 84.91 percent of screen to body ratio, as compared to devices like Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max that has 87% screen to body ratio and Samsung’s Note 10 variants and note 20 variants have a screen to body ratio ranging from 89% to 91.92%, The Reason? Apple and Samsung have very thin bezels around the screen even though they have a punch hole design and a notch. The ZTE AXON 20 has thicker bezels that not only makes the device looks boxy and dull, it reduces the size of the screen as compared to the body. Nevertheless, the screen comes with 1080p Full HD resolution with 90 Hz refresh rate and OLED Display, which actually helps the screen in adapting to the under-display camera.

The device packs the latest 5g connectivity on its device which allows faster internet and faster internet connections. The device also features Snapdragon 725 and Operating System Android 10 with MiFavor 10.5 UI for the phone. CPU boasts and octa-core processor. The memory is 6/128, 8 /128 and 8/256. It is expandable by external storage. It has 4 cameras on the rear with the main camera that is 64 MP camera. Front Facing Camera has a 32 MP Camera. It has a 4220 mAh battery.

Working and brief review of the Under-Display Camera:

The star of the whole device is the one thing that’s hidden under the display, Now that’s ironic! Anyways the working of the camera is very technical. ZTE said that it has incorporated 5 technological factors in the camera working under the display. First off, it uses Organic and Inorganic film to stabilize and adjust the performance of the display and the camera working, which helps the light refine, for input for the camera lens under the display. The device uses a chip controlled by dual control feature and a driver circuit that aligns the colors and the display of the phone in order to avert the possibility of camera and display disrupting each other’s functionality. Thirdly the device has a Special Matrix for advanced pixel transitions. The phone has basically many layers underneath that are transparent which allow the light to enter the lens of the front facing cam.


As tempting and as futuristic as it sounds, the device especially the selfie camera has many flaws. The device first of all is coming in a very reasonable price range for most of the features that it holds. Like 5G, Memory, Storage, display (for the most part). The device is giving High-End Smart Phone features for a upper-mid range to mid-range price tag. Which seems quite fair, but the camera is very bad, the unique selling point of the device is poor quality to be honest. As many reviewers have inspected that the camera is not so good and captures poor grade images and has white hues around it, that look kind of blurry and all white. The night vision camera is also very poor. The quality is poor for 32 MP Camera. The camera square under the display is well-hidden except sometimes it looks kind of irritating, during some media playing or gaming the display is highly pixelated and looks very messy and irritating. This actually diminishes the whole idea of the camera placement under the screen. Nevertheless, the device is the first generation of the under-display cameras and further improvements need to be made. The fact that this device has made to commercial market, Its clear that under-display camera are the future and ZTE has paved the way for other companies to follow on the path.

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