9 Samsung Smart Phone Features We Wish iPhone Had – What features do the iPhone Customers Crave that Samsung Has? – Is Apple Catching Up with Samsung?

9 Samsung Smart Phone Features We Wish iPhone Had – What features do the iPhone Customers Crave that Samsung Has? – Is Apple Catching Up with Samsung?

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Samsung and Apple have always been in a fierce competition. The reason is their top quality products, their tactics to attract customers and the retail strategy. Both the Apple and Samsung were the first to pioneer Smartphones around 2008 to 2009. The war started with stolen patents from one party, copyright claims and huge business lawsuits against another and a series of indirect shades and indirect comments were made. There’s no doubt that both the companies have outgrown themselves in terms of quality, features, technology, software and hardware. Since, Apple is releasing its line-up of Apple iPhone 12 Models. There are a bunch of features and software we wish Apple iPhone had, that Samsung Smartphones have. 

  1. Smaller Notch: Since the Apple introduced iPhone X. Apple customers have always had a feeling of abhorrence towards the notch most of the people termed the notch as ugly, uneven, irregular and disgusting. Apple wanted to increase the screen size in terms of screen to body ratio but made the iPhone rather ugly and irregular than making the screen bigger than previous smartphones. 

Samsung has had infinity-O, Infinity-V, and Infinity-U, displays as well punch-hole camera system where the screen to body ratio has increased to 94% and the screen looks beautiful and not at all ugly. Samsung has perfectly engineered its front-facing camera Technology, along with keeping screen of the phone also flawless. The smaller notches make the screen bigger too. The receiver has been moved to the very top of the screen above the camera along with all the sensors.

We wish Apple could bring such smaller notch on phone screens, since Samsung is making iPhone’s OLED Displays. Samsung can help Apple make Screens like theirs. 

  1. Stylus or integrated digital Phone Pen: Samsung Note Series has always stand out in the Smartphone market as well as its Small brother series the S-series due to its integrated S-pen in the heart of a Note Smart Phone. This feature has always made Note Series Unique this S-pen since the release of Note 9 has Bluetooth and Air-Command Features which makes the S-pen even more worthy.

Apple did make Apple pencil but the digital pencil by Apple only works on iPad and is not integrated inside but it has to be bought separately. The software to support Apple Pencil is only supported by iPadOS and not iOS. Which is why Apple needs to make an Apple Pencil for iPhone too. 

  1. Bigger Battery: Apple always had a problem with the battery of their iPhones. Apple always makes small mAh Batteries than the other smartphones in the market. Samsung has always had bigger battery life than Apple While Apple wa stuck at 2000 mAh Battery life Samsung was using 3000 mAh Battery for their Flagship as well as Mid-Range Phones. When Apple used 3000 mAh Battery Samsung was already using Battery Power from 4000 to 5000 mAh. Apple seems to be catching this feature but is still pretty far than Samsung.
  1. Digital Zoom: When Samsung introduced S20 Ultra Series this year, and the note 20 Series this year; both the series had 100X Space Zoom and 50X digital zoom on their camera setup respectively, which allowed photos from a really long range with better photo clarity. 

Apple doesn’t have any digital zoom option on their smartphones if not 100X or 50X at least Apple should have 2X, 3X or 5X Zoom. 

  1. Both the Face ID and Touch ID: For quite some time Apple had always has used Touch ID for a long time than after the release of iPhone X where Apple removed the home button to increase screen size apple removed Touch ID and introduced Face ID. 

Whereas Samsung was using Face ID or as Samsung called it Facial Recognition, for quite some time even before Apple made Face ID. Than Samsung moved to fingerprint Scanner for Security. Now Samsung is using both of them as well as Samsung is also using iris scanner for security.  

We really want Apple to add options for users to select between security features that suits them the most.

  1. Bluetooth services with other phones: Apple does not allow its users to allow sharing media from other phones other than Apple. Now, let’s be honest. Not everyone uses Apple iPhone. Many people use android and windows phone. How are we supposed to share data with an android user? Apple really needs to allow sharing media with other smartphones too. 

Samsung on the other hand allows sharing with all the other smartphones except for Apple. Which is pretty obvious. Since Apple doesn’t allow Bluetooth with other phones but only with audio accessories and Apple only devices

  1. Memory Card Slot: There’s no denying that Apple had always has Memory shortage issues as it does not allow external storage options on its iPhones. Which is why Apple should allow memory card options as this will give user a lot of space to add large number of photos and videos.

Unlike Apple, Samsung does give Memory Card option which allows users to expand their storage on Flagship Phones to 1TB and 512GB, and on Mid-Range Phones Samsung allows 128 GB to 256 GB expandable storage.

  1. Higher Refresh Rate: Apple still is using 60 Hz Refresh rate on its iPhone and it needs to grow more as the companies that are not in competition with Apple and Samsung have adapted from 90 Hz refresh rate to 120 Hz refresh rate and Apple still uses 60 Hz refresh rate which is not up to Apple Standards. 

Whereas Samsung has already allowed 90 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate on their s20 and note 20 line-up and is much better using experience than 120 Hz.

  1. Curved Screen and Foldable Screen Display: with the introduction of Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy S6 plus. Samsung uses curved display on their Smartphones and is using it regularly since than on most of its High-end Pro models in the Flagship line-up. Whereas Apple is still using the old School dull flat-screen. People might prefer flat-screens but we also need curved display too. We hope Apple makes curved displays in future.

Foldable displays were introduced last year in February 2019 and released in September 2019 and Samsung made Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Fold 2 with foldable glass display. Samsung defied the law of physics and made Foldable Glass Display for its users to allow advancement in Smartphone features. This is another feature we wish Apple adapts and uses it on iPhone. 

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