CES or Consumer Electronics Show 2021: The event had many interesting products and prototypes to showcase in the Biggest Tech Event. – Read More for an inside scoop

CES or Consumer Electronics Show 2021: The event had many interesting products and prototypes to showcase in the Biggest Tech Event. – Read More for an inside scoop

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This years’ biggest annual tech and electronics event, Consumer Electronics Show 2021 commenced from January 11th, 2021 to January 14th, 2021. The event was held in the city Vegas, Nevada. This event is only for people from tech world and affiliated fields and isn’t open to public. To attend the event the participants, have to register themselves. This event however this year was a virtual show due to global health crisis. The show was no doubt a hit with many futuristic and hi-tech machinery that had been displayed by the innovators. Many of the big tech giants like Samsung, Sony and LG participated in the event to showcase their own top-of-the-line products especially Smart LED TV’s. Although many of the devices showcased and displayed will not hit the market most or half of what was displayed will hit the market in near future and the event has no doubt, shown that technology has been evolving intelligently and steadily and is taking leap every inch of the way. Let’s see some if the futuristic products showed in the event.

Let’s Talk about Samsung first. This tech giant had a lot to offer in the event. First off it showed off its latest TV with Neo Quantum Processor, and a 110-inch Micro LED. The Smart TV it showcased were almost bezel less displays by Samsung with Rich Tone and had amazing HDR image processors that truly portrayed the essence of the content showed. These TV’s had true blacks and white’s The TV’s are also eco-friendly and are harmless to nature due to its advanced intelligence. The massive 110-inch TV by Samsung has a Quad view so the users can see 4 different channels on a single screen. The Company also introduced a Bespoke-4 door flex Smart Refrigerator that allows the user to build their own refrigerator that fits their style with 8 available color options.

In robotics Samsung introduced a JetBot 90 AI+, an AI powered Vacuum Cleaner that uses AI, Laser Technology like LiDAR and 3d recognition to integrate and observe the pattern of the objects and their placing and cleaning places that are hard to get without getting caught up in wires. Second, It introduced a Samsung Bot Care, an android AI robot that recognizes the user behavior and responds to them and adapts those mannerisms and behavior and works both as a user companion like a friend and also a robotic help for the user. Samsung Bot Handy, helps user pick up objects and help do home chores like cleaning pouring water or watering plants by Advanced AI learning, and become a version of a user. This is futuristic Technology.

LG on the other hand a lot to offer to its users. It showcased a vacuum cleaner that empties itself in the trash bin and is cordless! LG also announced its range of OLED TV’s with an 83-inch TV, although the size is smaller than Samsung’s 110-inch Micro LED Display. It is becoming quite possible that bigger TV’s are becoming a norm in a few years with more evolved and more intelligent LED TV’s. LG also introduced a rollable Smart Phone, Air Purifier, Intelligent masks to help avoid pollution and germs that can cause diseases. It also made an AI powered Smart Washing Machine to help clean clothes better than ever with minimal user effort and through their phones without having to be at home. LG is progressing with its Home Appliances upgrade and with incorporating AI to it.

Intel announced that it has designed x86 architecture-based Alder Lake chips that can be one of the most powerful mobile and Desktop processors that will be competing with Apple’s M1 Chip. The processor chips will be built on intel’s new 10 nanometer SuperFin Technology by Intel. This could put MacBooks and Mac’s through a tough competition.

A Company named Arlo which is a Home Security Company exhibited its two products that will be launched this year sometimes later. The first is an Indoor Camera that is used to record indoors of the house for safety. Second is a Touch Free Video Door Bell which will use sensor technology to detect a person or a motion of a human being in its close proximity, after which it will chime a sound similar to a bell and light up to let owner know some one is there without the other person touching the equipment. This product was awarded at the event and was praised. It was awarded the CES innovation award. The further details of the product will be released on their launch dates.

Although it is genius to work on robotics and the revolutionized AI Technology to make lives easier of the humans, CES this year showcased technology that might help people with visual or hearing impairment or those who have problem with dexterity.

A keyboard named Mantis Q40 has been showed that was wireless Bluetooth keyboard that has braille display which allows blind people to use keyboard. Oticon More a hearing device by Oticon has been made for people with hearing impairment and people with complete deafness. The device has 12-million sounds recognition allowing user to hear the voices much clearer. This also allows them to pick up sound more efficiently. An app named aware has been released on iOS, is made for blind people to help give them direction of their environment as to where to go and where to stop and when to stop so that the blind people don’t meet any casualties. Similarly, for people with speech difficulties an app named Sravi has been created that detects the users lip movements of disabled being and converts them into words for the listener to help the person in need.

CES 2021 has been truly inclusive of people of all kinds and has also helped people in many ways, through robotics, wireless technology or its innovation to tackle the problems of the modern world that is regularly changing its dynamic.

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