Electric Cars 2021 – Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Electric Cars 2021 – Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

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Recently, electric cars are being hyped and they have been in the market for quite some years now. Everyone is crazy about this new generation of cars, not only that these cars are self-sufficient, intelligent, self-driving and AI controlled cars that are most probably the future of road transportation and common transport option for many families, people, workers, and common people. These electric cars will replace these engine dependent cars by 2030, when these electric cars will be on the road making lives easier than these cars who are consuming fuel like petrol, CNG, LPG, High-Octane and causing the resources of our planet burn up. Plus, the making of engine-based cars is very expensive and require a lot of metal to make the components of the engine and it costs relatively a lot than the electric cars that are being produced. The electric cars are not only burning up our fuels but also contributing to pollution, green house effect and global warming. This is negatively affecting our planet and is making the planet Carbon Positive rather than carbon negative which is unhealthy for human life as well as other important species that are a part of our food chain.

Technology is changing into eco-friendly and nature friendly ways to help grow technology and are dismantling the way previously technology used to flourish. Similar is the case with the electric cars being produced now. These cars use electricity as their fuel solely and charge at particular charge stations throughout the state. There are almost all car companies who are making electric cars right now; like Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, General Motors, Ford, Mercedes and more. These cars are in the market right now and have a very pricey value in the Automobile market. The lowest price of a car by any measure is around $30,000. $30,000 is just a roundup value, actually it’s around $,3000 or $4,000 more. The most expensive car is around $140,00 and that is by BMW.

There are 3 companies who are selling higher number of electric cars that are Tesla, Nissan and General Motors. Tesla having the highest number of sales all around the world. Although, the company isn’t selling its cars in half of the world the electric cars sales is booming. That is because of Elon Musk’s competitive and innovative concept. These cars are just like android mobile phones and are state-of-the-art piece of technology in automobile industry. These cars have less noise pollution too. Which means that the rechargeable batteries do not make any kind of noise on the road, unlike the combustion engines in the traditional gasoline cars; which usually causes panic, anxiety, and many other psychological issues in the mind while driving and can cause irritation. The cars come intelligent technology that are self-adapted and do not require much effort. Like to start the engine the key should be put in and then start the engine. Simply, press the button and the batteries will  get to work. 

Just like smartphones these cars get an update in their software. These cars get software updates just like iOS or windows get their update, these cars get their update directly from company that adds new software features like display options for maps and navigation and more like faster synchronization with the device the car is connected to. These cars are more favored than gasoline powered cars and it is said that electricity is a renewable energy which can contribute way less to the pollution of the earth than gasoline.

There is a compatible electric car app by electric car company to be installed in the owner’s smart phone to control the whole car through the smartphone with wide range of controls from switching on the car to play music, navigation of map and routes through mobile or on the main screen of the car which plays all kind of media, navigates routes, allows calls, Bluetooth and it has a camera for helping in parking of the car. The display also shows battery percentage of the car too. The car comes pre-installed with solar panels to use solar energy as one of the sources of energy; just incase there’s no electricity or charging station available for the car nearby. The solar energy is the most renewable energy and thus is also the most environmentally friendly and money saving option. These cars follow the green and clean rules of the planet which is a global initiative to go eco-friendly on lifestyle of human beings and many other activities we do.

The electric cars come with rechargeable batteries and require a plug in to charge a car. Unlike gasoline cars which require petrol, or gasoline to operate. It might be the quickest way but in the long run it isn’t the best. Electric cars provide way too much milage than the traditional cars at a much lesser cost. Many countries have provided charging stations for the cars in their countries and have issued grant to allow electric cars charging stations to be built. Tesla in particular being a niche market supplier is making its international version of Tesla named EV to be supplied internationally outside of Europe and Central America. This is a big step for a technological and automobile giant like tesla to jump on such a venture and explore global market. 

Tesla and many other companies are about to give a new update to cars as well as make cars where these cars will be self-driving. Yes, these cars will be self-driving just in case the driver of the car tries to sleep, or is in some sort of medical condition or difficulty the owner can direct the car to go to a nearest hospital so that the driver could seek help. The car can intelligently park itself on public spaces and it can sense the traffic conditions and while self-driving it intelligently senses the distance from itself and other cars and tries to remain at a safe distance from them to ensure safety of both the drivers of the car.

This is a new step towards the progress of the cars and in less than a decade these cars will be the main source of road transportation and will be less costly and more environmental friendly than the cars we use now.

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