SANE Luminae Review 2020 -Burning Fat While Resting?

SANE Luminae Review 2020 -Burning Fat While Resting?

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SANE Solutions Luminae

Losing weight is a difficult challenge for most people. With the unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle that come so easy to most of us, it’s no wonder that many folks end up abandoning their weight-loss efforts before too long. 

However, it’s really not a healthy decision to neglect that excess weight on our bodies. If we’re not careful, those additional pounds will make us obese and lead to several health complications. While most of us have a full work life and are too busy to make any major changes to our lifestyle, we’re lucky enough to have science on our side. If meal planning, increased exercise, and drastic dietary changes aren’t feasible for us just yet, using something like Luminae might give us just the support we need. Let’s have a closer look at this offering and see if it’s suitable for achieving our weight-loss goals: 

About Luminae 

Luminae is a dietary supplement that’s formulated for the purpose of helping its users gain a slimmer, healthier profile. Chancing even a few of our unhealthy habits could do wonders for our figure, and the Luminae pills could help to steer us in the right direction. 

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Dosage of Luminae

The recommended dosage for the Luminae pills is one per day, but we should ideally consult a doctor before even starting on this supplement. While the ingredients in this supplement are derived from natural sources, they might have an adverse reaction when combined with the medication we’re currently taking. A trusted doctor would also know our health history and can hence recommend the right dosage of Luminae according to their expertise. 

The Working of Luminae

The working of this supplement is based on the amazing ingredients inside each capsule. These include natural components such as bromelain, grapefruit extract, and green tea extract. With the benefits of these well-known ingredients, we can expect some working on the main factors that prevent us from losing weight. 

Since there’s no stimulatory chemical like caffeine inside the Luminae capsules, we can take our dosage at any time of the day. It won’t affect our body functions or work performance, so we can take it just like any kind of multivitamin. 

The weight-loss method that’s triggered by using Luminae is named 7-keto. This process works with the RMR, or the resting metabolic rate. This is the rate at which the body manages to burn fat even when it’s at rest. If the ingredients in Luminae manage to amp up this rate, we might be able to burn off unwanted fat even when we’re asleep!

Why We Should Try Luminae

The awesome natural ingredients and potential of increasing RMR are good enough reasons to give the Luminae supplement at least one try. If we still need more convincing, here are just a few other positive factors to consider: 

  • Luminae also aims to balance our hormones, thus targeting natural and healthy weight loss.
  • The product is completely risk-free, as it makes use of only natural ingredients. However, we must keep in mind that this doesn’t rule out natural allergies and/or intolerances. 
  • The formulation is a therapeutic one that converts our excess fat to energy. With the body burning more fat, we can also look forward to having more energy in the coming days. 
  • With our enhanced metabolism, we can also be assured that no extra new fat cells will gather in the body. We might even be able to consume carbohydrates without worrying much about the negative effects on our bodies. 
  • The formula of Luminae is vegan and non-GMO, so it’s suitable for most diets.
  • The manufacturing of this supplement is done within the United States. This assures us of the quality and safety of these capsules.
  • The testimonials and customer reviews for Luminae are available online. We can look them up to get more confidence about using this offering. 

Ingredients of Luminae

The ingredients of the Luminae supplement are made known to us, which is a heartening factor in favor of the company. There are four main ingredients that do most of the work. These are as follows: 

  • Green Tea Extract: We often hear about consuming green tea as a way to lose weight, but the usage of this ingredient has to be just right. While green tea doesn’t contain much caffeine, it does possess a lot of EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate, which is a known substance for melting away fat. Furthermore, green tea is full of important minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that help to support our overall health by cleaning and detoxifying the body. All this results in healthy and sustainable weight loss.
  • Grapefruit Extract: this extract is taken from the seeds of the grapefruit. It’s linked to detoxification of our internal system, fat loss, and anti-aging benefits. 
  • 7-Keto DHEA or 7-oxodehydroepiandrosterone: this helps to enhance the RMR of our body, which means that it increases the calories burnt while we’re resting. RMR is necessary for making sure that our blood circulation, breathing, and heartbeat go on smoothly at all times. With this ingredient, we can get the ideal RMR level without needing to eat less than usual. 
  • Bromelain: This is an active ingredient that’s usually found in pineapples. With this component inside Luminae, we can get our bodies to burn more fat than usual, thus getting us faster results than with just exercise and dietary control on our own. 

Bromelain is an active ingredient obtained from pineapples. SANE Luminae uses bromelain to burn more fat than average, to get better results in less time.

There are several other ingredients inside Luminae, including calcium and niacin. All of these have their own benefits for the users of Luminae, though we won’t know its exact effects on us until after a few weeks of trial. If our bodies react with Luminae in the intended manner, we may be able to say goodbye to those stubborn layers of fat and gain more energy. 


The Luminae supplement does seem like an intriguing offer. If we’ve been struggling with weight issues for a long time, it might be logical to try out this natural method next. The prices for individual bottles might be high, but we can get a sizeable discount by buying in bulk. That offer might not be around forever, so let’s go to the official website and place an order right away. 

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