Vidtoon2.0 Reviews 2021 – VidToon Drag and Drop Animated Video Creator

Vidtoon2.0 Reviews 2021 – VidToon Drag and Drop Animated Video Creator

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Vidtoon 2.0 – It’s great to have some comprehensive explanation of an issue being addressed online or on different digital medias like social, or electronic Media. Be it a marketing Pitch, an eBusiness, a blog site, advertisement of any sort or in an article. A visual explanation goes a long way in better understanding of a situation. Many a times we cannot copy a content and take credit for it. Its just wrong. It is important to make content for oneself and by oneself for the business or any time of work is being done for our business or content. A still image can’t do much. Which is why it is important to visualize scenes in a video with some good background music, a voice over explaining situation while practically doing the act. It seems like a very complicated and very exhaustive. Well, it is but it can all be done with less amount of time with less expertise and no exhaustion if Vidtoon 2.0 is used. Yes, This Vidtoon 2.0 can help in getting all the things done. What is it? Let’s see.

What is Vidtoon 2.0?

Vidtoon 2.0 is a video animation software that creates animation videos. It has a range of features to chose from to make many videos from a plethora of templates, animated characters, scenes, figures, images, music that is royalty free, exclusive stock images, GIF’s, icons and more.

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This software is an easy-to-use animating software that saves a lot of time of user and people who are usually single handedly working on different projects and need more productivity in less time. It can be helpful for sole proprietor businesses too, with little knowledge of How to use a computer. That’s it that’ all there’s need to know. It comes with an instruction manual to help install the software on the computer. It’s easy and doesn’t consume much time.

Vidtoon Working

This Vidtoon Software helps many people and businesses in making original content by animated characters and voice over audio of either the content maker or by a voice over assistant hired by the content maker. Nowadays, it is really important to make one’s own videos and use them commercially. Vidtoon 2.0 helps make original content for a very low price. The features it packs, are just amazing for such an animating software. It also helps in allowing variety of content with diverse situations. It has something for everybody that is enough.

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It is a very inclusive software for different kinds of situations and people, which is a very important and supportive approach. On social Media or TV, an animated video captivates the audience with the figures and moving objects. It seems very obvious; it actually works as videos are more explicable and are able to make a point to a myriad audience. Vidtoon 2.0 helps get that magic to work in those videos with its diversity of features.

How is Vidtoon Different than other Animated Softwares?

First of all, there is a market full of software that can perform animation and they do have some features in them, but What really stands out in Vidtoon is that its animation is unique, diversified and inclusive. It has a boatload of features in it that many of the software do not have. It allows a lot of editing has numerous characters with so many customization options that user can not run out of options for a really long from the software.

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There are some apps that do provide that amount of features and apps but those apps are like very expensive a couple hundred dollars around $300 to $800 and its very expensive. Whereas Vidtoon gets the same job done in just under $100 and the quality is just the same.

Benefits of Vidtoon 2.0

It has so many benefits that the list goes on and on and it doesn’t end.

Vidtoon 2.0 is faster than its predecessor and editing is faster and video creation is done in a very little time.

It has a huge collection of royalty free music, HD images, GIF’s Scenes and more.

The work is just Drag and Drop the content into the specified area and see the magic created by oneself.

Allows zoom in options to the user to assert focus on emphasized object or to zoom out of it.

It has a smart UI. It is a modern UI that allows users to easily access all the areas of the software without any hassle

The UI is easily accessible because of its categorization that specifies categories for easy navigation across the software

It comes with the commercial license that is also free so that the user can earn from animations without having to face legal hurdles.

It has options to add different languages, from Hindi to Hebrew. It’s all in there just a click away. 

Allows to make 20 minutes long videos to help earn more profits.

Can’t afford a voice over actor, or do it yourself? No worries Vidtoon 2.0 has got it all covered. Use automated voice over and the user can also type in the words for the automated voice over robot to speak with Text-to-Speech Options. The robot will sound more natural than robotic.

Allows Full HD animated videos so, when you export your videos? The quality of the video will be high quality and will not degrade after exporting it to other media.

It has so many smooth transitions that look professional and very impressive.

Don’t want to use the pre-installed templates? No worries, It allows easy personalization and flexible customization as per users’ preference.


With Voicely, we can automatically transform texts into authentic human sound VoiceOver.

We can find a wide range of options on or any of the available video editing software on the internet. The most amazing thing about Vidtoon is that it has up to 60 languages and over 600+ voices to choose from.

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Streamr is one of the reliable desktop application that has a built-in live streaming technology, with multilingual video translator.

Streamr is based on AI and a UN-style voiceover method. You just have to choose your desired accent, dialect, and style from the available database of 270+ voices. In addition, the users can also find creative caption creator that is totally automatic, including translation, and placement. It also has a built in feature that allows it to stream in real time to Facebook, and Youtube, and you can also share your videos on any platform with RTMP.

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The price of this software is very affordable. It is $67 subscription on the website, but if ordered now? It is one time $49. Yes! Just $49 for the user and it can only be paid at the website only.

Final Thoughts

The app is quite interesting and looks professional that can help many potential businesses, freelancers and marketers with a lot of ideas scenarios and characters. The support for user help and assistance is impeccable and is wonderful to see how so much can be done with just a $49 software. It only works on Windows and Macs. It can’t be used on iPad or smartphones or a Chromebook device.  

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