What are the Issues We are Facing with Samsung Smartphones?

What are the Issues We are Facing with Samsung Smartphones?

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Samsung has been one of the earliest Smartphone making companies. It is in mobile phone production and selling business since we know it. Samsung, alongside Apple, was making its Galaxy Smartphones when Apple was making the iPhone in 2009. 

Samsung has always been known to package numerous new and modern features in their Smartphones. It also has created a diverse range of Smart Phone series as per market division. Like The Note Series and S series is for Rich People and Business Figures. The A series is for Upper Middle Class and the J,M and Grand series is for middle to poor class. Samsung has always put out products that match the customer needs. It is also one of the most Premium Smartphones makers. 

Seemingly for the last 5 years Samsung has kind of gone downhill not in market or in business but to give its best to the customer. There are a lot of issues that have surfaced openly or were under our noses and we couldn’t see it. 

Here’s what we want to talk about. 

The extremely fragile “S” Series

S series of Samsung is one of the best as well as premium line up of the Samsung Smartphones. It packs the latest software as well as is featured with great hardware and body. It is always an updated series and most people prefer the S series over Note Series. The idea of paying more for a bigger screen and a stylus seems uncalled for. There is a big problem with the S series of the Samsung Smartphones. These phones are extremely fragile and delicate phones. The Galaxy S2 from Samsung was so fragile that if the phone slipped from pockets and fell it broke as soon as it hit the ground and the phone would become bricked. Just Dead. Similarly from the start of S6 series these smartphones became even more delicate and fragile due to glass back and curved display. Which made these Smartphones even more fragile. There were many reports in previous years complaining that if the S6, S7, and S8 even if these models were in jeans and someone sat. These phones will have black display or broken glass or black spots in the screen indicating breakage of screen. Samsung needs to use more resistant Glass Panels for Smartphones and should work on making stronger screen components so that users shouldn’t go through screen problems. 

The infamous Galaxy Note 7 Problem:

The Galaxy Note 7 Problem that occurred and was blown out in 2017 showed that Samsung Smartphones had battery issues. The problem was so severe that there were battery explosions due to faulty batteries. This is something that Samsung neglected for a long time. Samsung has always had good battery life. When it comes to charging and battery itself the Samsung production comes in question. Most of the smartphones before Galaxy Note 7 used to puff due to fault in battery production; making the battery useless. The battery problem has been highly reduced in recent years but still the mid-range smartphones battery is not looked at. The problem still persists but the explosion and fire ignition by batteries has been resolved. 

Different Processors, Same Phones

This problem has been recently noticed by many of the professional smartphone reviewers as well as users. Samsung is using its own Exynos processors in their Smartphones. Whereas in its USA and China. This has attracted a huge amount of controversy as these SoC’s differ in various ways. Qualcomm Snapdragon is a way better SoC than Exynos by Samsung. The Snapdragon SoC has way better performance than Exynos. 

This year’s Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra release made some users angry when reviewers pointed out that Samsung has been using the same Exynos 990 processor that it was using on the last years non-US and Non-Chinese variants of the Phone whereas the US, and China Variant got a Snapdragon upgrade. This made users say that if the processor is not the same then the Smartphone is not the same. They should mention this and tell this. Although there’s rumors surrounding that from now onwards. Samsung will unify all models with the same Exynos 1000 processors following the S21 Lineup of Smartphones so as to cool down users. 

Touch Wiz  Experience UX to One UI

Samsung had one of the best user interfaces since its starting. The TouchWiz interface was such a smooth and very appealing user interface that it was fun and easy using it. After that in 2016 Samsung introduced Experience UX in 2016 on Galaxy S7 devices along with Android Nougat. It was the best UI Samsung had. The UI quality for Samsung went downhill after that when Samsung introduced One UI along with Android Pie. This UI is one of the ugliest UI’s in the Samsung UI history. This UI seems kind of pixelated and rough. It isn’t appealing as well as it looks dull. We wish Samsung could do better in UI like go for better upgrades in future. 

Experience UX in first half: One UI in Second Half

The Foldable Phone issue

In February of 2019 alongside the s10 lineup Samsung introduced one of its kind foldable phones. This Smartphone has a big price tag of almost $2000. As much as it created excitement and curiosity The Galaxy Fold couldn’t uphold this excitement for long. Initially Samsung wanted to release the Galaxy Fold in 2019 of April but there was a major problem that stopped the smartphone production for Galaxy Fold as well as it made a bad name for a high-end overpriced phone. 

The problem was that the screens of the foldable phone would go all black or half the part would go black and half white. Or the phone screen would go completely black and the phone would become useless and unable to use. Similarly, there was another problem : there was a protector on the top of the foldable screen made of plastic. The plastic would come off itself and damage the phone making black spots in the damaged area. Users themselves would remove what was supposed to be a protector. This would damage the phone. 

Later Samsung issued a notice telling that this protector is a part of Phone Screen and shouldn’t be removed. This made reviewers and users furious as Samsung should put caution signs on the box letting users know about it.

Final Thoughts

Samsung really needs to take lessons from such problems and look forward to not making any mistakes in production of devices. Samsung should also consider unifying mobile devices software, hardware and its accessories. Samsung is still a very respectable smartphone brand and it is, it can and it will work better. Samsung has always been working hard to keep customers safe and happy. 

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